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About the COVID-19 Response

“Are your services available during the 2021-2022 school year?”

Yes. All Learning Center services are available and accessible. These include individual academic coaching appointments both in-person and on Zoom; appointment and drop-in peer tutoring; STEM coaching groups; academic coaching groups; and workshops and events. To keep up with the latest offerings, we recommend that students sign up for our weekly newsletter.

“Can I change an in-person coaching or tutoring appointment to Zoom?”

Yes! You can change a scheduled in-person appointment to Zoom. From our appointment calendar, click on “cancel or change” where you will see the option to shift to Zoom by then clicking on “Change location to Zoom.”

“I’d like to make a Zoom coaching or tutoring appointment, but none are available. What can I do?”

You can schedule an in-person appointment and then change its location to Zoom. On the appointment calendar, find an in-person appointment date and time when you can meet with a coach or tutor. Schedule the appointment. Once the appointment is scheduled, look for the “My Scheduled Appointments” heading. There you will see the option to change the appointment’s location to Zoom by clicking on “Change location to Zoom.”

About the Learning Center

“Who uses the Learning Center?”

Students visit the Learning Center when they want to improve their academic skills and/or their grades, get better at managing time, have questions about learning disabilities or ADHD, want to understand their strengths and weakness, and more. While most of the students who use The Learning Center are undergraduates, Graduate and Professional School Students also visit us regularly.

“What programs or services do you offer?”

The Learning Center offers the following programs; please click on the links below to learn more:
Academic Coaching, Peer Tutoring, STEM Support, Test Prep Resources, and ADHD/Learning Disabilities Services. For writing support, please visit our partner organization, the Writing Center.

“Where are you located?”

Our office is located in SASB North, 450 Ridge Road (on the corner of Manning and Ridge). Parking is available in the Rams Head Parking Deck also located on Ridge Road. We have two office suites in SASB North: Suite 0118 (basement level) and Suite 2109 (2nd floor).
Drop-in tutoring is in Dey Hall and Tutoring-by-appointment is in SASB North.

“Can I talk to someone over the phone to get more information about The Learning Center?”

Yes. Please call our main number at 919-962-7710.

About Making Appointments and Registering for Events

“How do I make an appointment to see an academic coach?”

All appointments are made online. From our homepage, click on the appointment tab and select a coach and time-slot that best fits your schedule.

“How do I cancel or reschedule an appointment?”

From our appointment calendar, click on “manage appointments” where you will see options to cancel or reschedule. If possible, please cancel appointments 24 hours in advance.

“What happens if I forget to cancel an appointment?”

You will be marked as a “no-show” in our records. For students who regularly do not show up for appointments, you may be temporarily blocked from accessing our appointment calendar.

“How many appointments can I make each week?”

Undergraduate students may schedule two appointments per week (you can also schedule additional Peer Tutoring sessions). Graduate students in the college of Arts and Sciences may schedule one appointment per week. Graduate students in other programs/schools may make same-day appointments.

“What can I do if I’ve run out of weekly appointments but I still need help?”

If you’re working regularly with an academic coach, contact him/her directly and ask about any possible openings. You can also contact the Learning Center and try to be seen as a walk-in. Walk-in students are seen when another students fails to show up for a scheduled appointment.

“I don’t have an ONYEN; can I still register for a Learning Center class or event, or make an appointment with a staff member?”

In order to make appointments with staff, you need to have a valid ONYEN as that is the only way to access our appointment calendar. If you don’t have an ONYEN, please contact ONYEN Services. You also need an ONYEN to register for classes and events.

“Do I need to be a UNC student to use the Learning Center?”

Yes, The Learning Center programs and events are open to UNC students only. However, any student is welcome to use our resources on our Student Resource page.

“I am a parent or an instructor of a UNC student. Can I schedule an appointment with Learning Center staff to discuss concerns about a student?”

If you know which staff person you’d like to speak with, contact him or her directly. Otherwise, please call one of our main numbers: 919-962-7710 or 919-962-7227. A receptionist will be happy to help you.

“Can I bring a friend to my appointment?”

Yes, bring a friend, though it’s helpful to let your coach know ahead of time.

“Can I make a weekend appointment?”

You can make weekend appointments with tutors only.

About Tutoring

“How do I make an appointment to see a tutor?”

No appointments are needed for drop-in tutoring: Dey Hall, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 6:00 – 9:00.

“How does tutoring work?”

The best tutoring experience is when a student comes to a session prepared with specific questions. Tutors respond to questions and help fill in the gaps and/or clarify a concept. Tutors also provide guidance for students as they work through problems.
When you attend Drop-In Tutoring, you will first check-in with a student receptionist who will direct you to your tutor. After each tutoring session, you will complete a brief evaluation of your session.

“How do I become a tutor?”

Complete the Tutoring Application Form.

How much does tutoring cost?”

Peer tutoring is free!

About What Happens in a Session with an Academic Coach

“What kind of help can an academic coach provide?”

An academic coach helps you develop better learning skills, such as taking effective lecture notes, preparing for tests, managing time efficiently, and getting the most from your assigned readings. Coaches work with students at all levels, whether they are struggling to pass a class, or trying to move their grades up from B’s to A’s. We work collaboratively with you, helping you figure out which learning strategies fit best.

An academic coach can also help you set goals and develop better habits so that you can achieve your goals. Goals can focus on academics, but can include broader themes as well, such as the desire to create a more balanced life. If you want this type of support, you will commit to weekly sessions with your academic coach for an initial period of time (often a semester, though this varies), and agree to be held accountable to commitments you make at each session.

What is group coaching?

Instead of working individually with a coach on your goals, group coaching is for students who want the support of their peers as well. Coaching groups are offered periodically throughout the year, so check our Registration Page for the next one.

“Will you let my professor know that I came to the Learning Center for help?

At the end of an appointment, your coach will ask you if you would like your professor to receive a summary of the session. You are free to accept or decline this offer – we will honor whatever you decide.

“Will you let my parents know that I came for help?”

We do not contact parents about services you use at the Learning Center.

“Do academic coaches provide career counseling and course advising?”

No. For career counseling, visit Career Services. For help choosing courses, understanding requirements, etc., visit Academic Advising in the Steele Building.

“Can academic coaches help me add/drop a course?”

No, the Learning Center cannot help you add or drop a course. Meet with an Academic Adviser in the Steele Building.

To learn more about academic coaching, see our Academic Coaching FAQ.

About the Princeton Review Test Prep Courses

How do I register for a Princeton Review test prep course?”

View the Princeton Review’s UNC-Chapel Hill landing page.

“What is the cost of Princeton Review Test Prep courses?”

Prices vary, but UNC students are offered a 20% discount.

For Faculty and Staff

“A student’s poor test scores don’t match his performance in class. How can I help?”

Talk to the student about your concerns. Find out how he prepares for tests and what sorts of test-taking strategies he uses. Suggest he make an appointment with an academic coach at The Learning Center who will tease out what might be getting in the way of better test performance.

“I wonder if one of my students may have a learning disability or ADHD. What’s the best way to approach this topic with the student?”

Contact one of the Learning Center’s LD/ADHD specialists who will discuss with you some of the markers of possible learning disabilities or ADHD, as well as how to approach the student about your concerns.

For Parents

“My child has a learning disability and/or ADHD. What kinds of services are available?”

Students seeking accommodations must register with Accessibility Resources and Service.  Accessibility Resources and Services is the department at UNC responsible for managing all aspects of disabilities and accommodations.

The Learning Center helps students with learning disabilities and ADHD develop tools and strategies to manage possible barriers posed by their disabilities.  We also help them better understand the impact of their disability at the university level.  Encourage your child to schedule an appointment with either of the two staff members who specialize in ADHD/LD.

For Faculty

See our Faculty FAQ.