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Fall 2024

Thanks for your interest in becoming a peer tutor! The application to become a peer tutor by taking EDUC 387 in Fall 2024 is now open.

Please read through the Potential Peer Tutor FAQs. If you have any questions that aren’t answered in the FAQs, email Robin Horton at

Peer Tutoring Application

Students who apply and are accepted for Peer Tutoring will be enrolled EDUC 387, a 3-credit, pass-fail course that fulfills the EE/High-Impact Experience credit requirement. The course meets the same time as peer tutoring. The first two weeks are training; the rest of the semester is peer tutoring. To become a peer tutor, you must have an overall 3.0 GPA or higher and at least a B in the courses you wish to tutor.

  • Tutoring happens during class each week. Please indicate ALL sections that you are available for, and if you are accepted into the class I will contact you about which section you'll be enrolled in.
  • If you are in your first semester at UNC, please put N/A.
  • Rank the courses you'd like to tutor. Enter one UNC course number, the professor with whom you took that course, the semester you took it, and the grade received in each box below. Do not list courses you have not taken at UNC. All tutors must be able to tutor in at least one high-demand subject area: BIOL, COMP, CHEM, ECON, MATH, PHYS, SPAN, and/or STOR. Note: YOU WILL TUTOR ALL COURSES YOU LIST. DO NOT LIST COURSES YOU DO NOT FEEL CONFIDENT TUTORING. If you are currently taking a course you'd like to tutor and you anticipate getting a B or higher in it, please list it in "Additional Courses" below.
  • Describe the role of a peer tutor. If you are selected, how will you help the students you tutor?
  • What qualities do you think are the most important for a peer tutor to possess?
  • Why are you interested in becoming a peer tutor?
  • Which of the following Learning and Writing Center services have you used? (This isn't a requirement; we'd just like to know!)