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Are you working on time management, study strategies, or maintaining focus and concentration? Not sure where to start?

You’ll find a curated collection of worksheets below. These are coaching tools designed to help you reflect on and plan your academic life. If you’d like to share one of your completed worksheets with a coach, you can login to our online academic coaching service and upload your worksheet here. Your coach will respond with questions and feedback to help you make progress on your goals. If you’d like to work on a worksheet together with an academic coach, click here to schedule an appointment.

If you’re getting started with academic coaching

If you’re new to coaching, the Wheel of Life is a great place to start! It can help you and your coach see the ‘big picture’ of where you’re thriving, where you’re not and what changes you’d like to make.

If you’re working on time management

Time management is one of the most common topics in academic coaching! If you are one of many college students who struggle with time, the resources below can help you create a schedule, build healthy habits, get work done and live a balanced life.

Getting started

If you’d like to develop your time management skills but aren’t sure where to start, try our Time Management Reflection and/or our Time Management Inventory. These worksheets will help you begin a conversation with your coach about your current time management habits and patterns.

Weekly planning

If you’d like to create a weekly schedule, get feedback on your current schedule or get accountability on following it, try sharing one of our weekly planners with your coach. The Learning Center has planners divided into Morning, Afternoon, and Evening, into 60-Minute Blocks, and into 30-Minute Blocks. Pick the one that works the best for you.

Goal setting and action plans

Having clear goals can help you decide how to manage your time and workload. Our goal tracker and action plans will help you set goals and design a plan to achieve them over the course of three days, one week or a whole semester.

Priorities and to-do lists

If you’re trying to stay on top of your to-do list, these prioritization resources are a great way to help you stay on track!

If you want to keep up with due dates for the week, our Class Assignment and Test Tracker is for you. If you’d rather focus on your current to-do list or make a new one, try one of our Priorities Worksheets to help you prioritize your tasks for the week or day. Use the Must Do, Could Do, Should Do to group your tasks or the A, B, C, D to order them.

If you’re studying or preparing for exams

Whether you’re preparing for final exams or want to improve your test scores in a particular class, assessing your current exam preparation habits can help!

Fill out and share this Test Analyzer with your coach to assess how well your current preparation strategies are working or to identify where you might have room for improvement.

If you’d like to make a schedule to stay on track as you prepare for multiple exams, this Finals Planner is for you! It will help you understand your current standing in each class, identify concepts you need to study and list the specific strategies you’ll use to prepare for each final exam.

If you need new reading strategies

Want to get more from your reading or manage a reading-heavy semester? This Reading Strategies Self-Assessment will help you and your coach assess your current reading habits and strategies, then make a plan for you to work toward your goals.

If you’re working on focus or with ADHD

Maybe you’re a student with ADHD or someone who wants to work on improving focus and concentration as you navigate UNC classes on campus or online. If so, these worksheets are for you!

If you’d like your coach to help you develop a personalized study plan that improves your focus and concentration, try Part One of our Guide to Optimizing Attention. If you already have a plan you’d like to implement or would like to assess, share Optimizing Attention Part Two with your coach!

Maybe you’d rather work on maintaining your focus as you study currently. If you’d like feedback on strategies to improve your concentration, our Attention Checks can help you track and monitor your attention.

Find all of the Learning Center’s worksheets and tools by visiting our complete collection of Tips & Tools and looking for the links marked with the symbol tool.

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