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General Peer Tutoring Questions

“What peer tutoring services does the Learning Center offer?”

The Learning center offers free drop-in peer tutoring for currently enrolled undergraduates on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings from 6-8 pm in Dey Hall and appointment-based peer tutoring Sunday-Friday in SASB North.  Scroll down for answers to questions related to each of these services.

“What subjects are available for tutoring?”

We maintain a list of courses available for peer tutoring on our website. Please click here for courses supported by drop-in peer tutoring and here for courses supported by appointment tutoring. If your course is not listed, we might be able to help you on specific concepts if you come in for drop-in tutoring. Students may also make an appointment at the Learning Center to work with an academic coach on their study strategies for any course.

“Who are the peer tutors?”

Our tutors are undergraduate students who received high grades in the classes they tutor and who have been trained in peer tutoring prior to working with students. Tutors are enrolled in EDUC 387 and supervised by instructors throughout the semester.

“Can the tutors help me with my homework?”

Tutors can help you understand the concepts needed to complete your assignments, but they cannot help you complete the work itself if it is to be graded or turned in for credit. See the UNC Honor Code for more information.

“Can tutors help with writing assignments?”

The Learning Center’s peer tutors do not work with students on writing, but can offer help with understanding content. Please visit UNC’s Writing Center for assistance with course papers, application essays, or other writing tasks or support.

“What should I do before coming to peer tutoring?”

To maximize benefit from your time with a peer tutor, attempt to complete your homework before coming to peer tutoring. This practice will allow you to communicate to the tutor the specific skills and concepts you need support with. The same is true when coming to peer tutoring for assistance preparing for an exam. Studying beforehand will help you ask the tutor specific questions.

“What should I bring with me to tutoring?”

You should bring your text and class notes as well as any other study material you have. Bringing in resources and coming prepared with questions helps the tutor best help you.

“What if I need help with a course that isn’t listed?”

If you don’t see your course listed on the appointment tutoring list, please do not make an appointment with a tutor. If your course is similar to some of the classes we offer at drop-in tutoring, you are welcome to come by on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening, and we can match you with a tutor who might be able to help you.

“Is there a charge for tutoring?”

Peer tutoring is free of charge for all UNC students.

“Can I get documentation that I attended tutoring?”

Yes, a Learning Center staff member can provide documentation of your attendance.

“How do I become a peer tutor?”

You can find more information about becoming a peer tutor here.

Drop-In Peer Tutoring

“When and where is drop-in tutoring offered?”

Drop-in peer tutoring is offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6-8pm in Dey Hall, which is located on the quad adjacent to Wilson Library.  Click here to see a list of when a tutor is available of your course.

“I haven’t been to peer tutoring before. How does it work?”

Just come by Dey Hall on the evening when we have a tutor for your course. A Learning Center staff member will greet you when you enter the building and ask you sign in and have a seat in the waiting room. When a tutor is available for your course, a staff member will show you to a tutoring room and introduce you to your tutor.

“What time should I arrive for tutoring?”

Tutoring is available from 6:00-8:00pm, and you must arrive by 7:30 to see a tutor. (We recommend arriving by 7:00pm to be sure you have a full session.)

“Will I work with a tutor one-on-one? Can I have a tutoring session with my classmates?”

When demand for your course is light, most tutoring will be one-on-one.  During busy times, tutoring may happen in small groups, most of which are limited to three students at a time.  You can always request to work with other students if you’re in the same course. We ask that you not bring anyone with you who won’t be participating in the tutoring session.

“How much time do I get with my tutor?”

One-on-one sessions are 30 minutes long if other students are waiting for your tutor. If no students are waiting, your session may last up to an hour. Groups of two or three students are allotted 45 minutes. On evenings when we have many students requesting tutoring for a specific course, these times may be shorter.

“Can I request a specific tutor?”

All tutors are trained and ready to help, so we encourage you to try out a variety of tutors if your favorite tutor is busy. If you request a specific tutor, you may have to wait for the tutor to finish with students in front of you.

“Can I get help in more than one subject?”

You may receive help in any and all subjects we tutor. We do not impose limitations beyond the times that we have to offer services.

Appointment Peer Tutoring

“When and where is appointment tutoring offered?”

Appointment peer tutoring is offered Sunday-Friday in SASB North. Click here to see when a tutor is available for your course. Please note: Peer tutoring takes place in several locations in SASB North, so you’ll want to check the location when reserving an appointment.

“Will I work with a tutor one-on-one? Can I have a tutoring session with my classmates?”

Only one student can sign up for each appointment through our website, and most appointments are one-on-one.  If you’d like to include a friend from your class in your session, you are welcome to bring them with you to your appointment. If possible, please indicate that you’ll be working with a classmate when you sign up for your appointment.

“How much time do I get with my tutor?”

Tutoring appointments are 45 minutes long. If you anticipate that you’ll only need 10-20 minutes with a tutor, please consider coming to Dey Hall to meet with one of our drop-in tutors.

“How many tutoring appointments can I have each week?”

Because tutoring by appointment is limited, you may schedule one peer tutoring appointment per week. If you’d like additional help, please come to drop-in tutoring in Dey Hall or schedule an appointment with an academic coach. Academic coaching sessions and drop-in sessions in Dey Hall do not count toward your number of appointments.

“How many appointments can I reserve at one time?”

To give more students a chance to schedule tutoring appointments, you may have one tutoring appointment reserved at a time. You may schedule your next appointment with a tutor at the end of each appointment. Academic coaching appointments and drop-in tutoring sessions in Dey Hall do not count toward your number of reserved appointments.

“What if there isn’t an appointment tutor for my course?”

Because appointment tutoring is more limited, appointment tutors are only available to help with the specific courses listed. Please do not make an appointment with a tutor who is not listed for your course; these appointments will be cancelled. If your course is similar to some of the classes we offer at drop-in tutoring, you are welcome to come by on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening, and we can match you with a tutor who might be able to help you.

Other Tutoring Resources

“Can I work with my tutor outside of the Learning Center’s tutoring hours?”

Our tutors are available only during our drop-in or appointment hours.

“What other tutoring services exist on campus?”

A list of other tutoring services on campus is below. Check their websites for supported subjects, location, and availability.