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Learning Center Workshops on Heel Life!

Maymester Kickoff – 5/17 @2:30-4:30pm/SASB North 0127 (The Writing Center)

Summer Motivation – 5/20 @3:30-4:30pm/SASB North 1118 (Upendo)

Writing Application Essays – 5/22 @3:30-4:30pm/Online via Zoom

Your Time at Carolina – 5/29 @3:30-4:30pm/Online via Zoom

Learn more and register for upcoming Writing and Learning Center Workshops on Heel Life.

ADHD/LD Workshops and Groups

ADHD, Me and UNC

Monthly social where students with ADHD can chat with ADHD specialists and peers for ongoing support, connections, and education about ADHD.

Info coming soon…!

ADHD/LD Peer Connect

Weekly coaching group where you can join other peers with ADHD/LD to exchange ideas, support each other, and learn strategies that promote academic success.

Info coming soon…!

Academic Coaching Groups

Graduate Student Academic Coaching

A six-week coaching group for graduate students seeking support in any aspect of their graduate school experience.

Info coming soon…!

STEM Groups

STEM Learning Groups

Join our Biology, Chemistry, Math, Statistics, and Physics learning groups on Canvas to get online support. Contact Chemistry Learning Specialist Ben Carpenter at with questions.

Carolina Women in STEM

Are you an undergraduate STEM major at UNC?
Join the STEMpire @ The Learning Center for our Carolina Women in STEM seminar series.
-Network with other STEM majors
-Connect with working professional women in STEM and learn about their STEM journey
-Learn about the growth mindset and how to incorporate it into your journey in STEM

Info coming soon…!

Dissertation Boot Camp

Join fellow dissertation writers for a week of focused writing. Participants will set goals for the week, experiment with writing strategies, work on their writing in several structured time blocks, and engage in a series of writing-related discussions with other grad students.

See details and registration information for upcoming Dissertation Boot Camps here.