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ADHD and Learning Differences Support

Learning differences and disabilities can make college even more challenging. At the Learning Center, our Academic Coach specialists can help you successfully navigate UNC and access helpful resources whether you’ve been diagnosed or not. Schedule a one-on-one coaching appointment with our ADHD/LD specialists, join the ADHD/LD Peer Connect Group and attend an ADHD, ME, and UNC event, and check out our tips and resources.

Join a Group and Explore Resources

Join the ADHD/LD Peer Connect Group or attend an ADHD, Me, and UNC event. Check out our guide to helpful ADHD/LD resources including apps, books, and online resources. Make an appointment with an ADHD/LD specialist.

Think you might have ADHD or LD?

Learn more about the characteristics of ADHD and LD, or find out how to be formally evaluated.

Diagnosed and Seeking Accommodations?

Register with Accessibility Resources & Services for possible accommodations. Learn more about transitioning from high school to college and about applying to UNC with ADHD and/or LD.

Burnett Seminars at Carolina

The annual Burnett Seminar features a keynote speaker who discusses learning differences. Listen to recordings of past Burnett Seminars. Learn about the October 2023 Burnett Seminar.

Succeed Together.

Collaborate with ADHD/LD peers to exchange ideas, support each other, and learn strategies that promote academic success.

ADHD/LD Peer Connect Group

Academic coaches regularly help students with:

  • Time Management: Stay on top of academics and other activities with tools that help you prioritize, plan and follow through.
  • Active Studying: Focus better with active studying techniques, such as concept mapping and self-quizzing.
  • Reading: Tackle readings strategically and retain important concepts from any text.
  • Test Preparation: Create study plans and learn techniques for handling different types of exams.
  • Note Taking: Capture key elements from lectures and readings and organize your notes to better understand the material covered in class.
  • Accountability. Stay accountable to your schedule, plans, and goals.

What Our Students Say

Previously I have felt imprisoned by my unique learning type, but my coach and I  reread my evaluation and "debunked" my LD myths I have carried as baggage.