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Who is eligible to serve as a peer tutor?

Students who have completed at least one semester at Carolina and have earned a 3.0 GPA are eligible to serve as a peer tutor. You will also need to have and A or B in any course you wish to tutor.

How do I apply to be a peer tutor?

Please complete an application here.

When will I know I’ve been selected to serve as a peer tutor?

You will receive an email indicating your application has been received by the Learning Center. Students are vetted to ensure they meet the eligibility requirements. This process involves multiple people and multiple departments and is not always fast. We appreciate your patience. If you are registering for classes, we recommend registering for other courses, as you will likely not know whether you have been selected until after registration has concluded.

Will tutors work in-person or remotely via Zoom?

Tutors may be asked to work in-person and/or remotely via Zoom depending on program needs.

What is Education 387?

All peer tutors take EDUC 387 – Peer Tutoring during their first semester as a tutor. EDUC 387 is a 3-credit-hour Pass/Fail APPLES service-learning course that introduces tutors to learning theories and tutoring strategies.

How is the class structured?

EDUC 387 meets once a week for three hours. For the first two weeks of the class, all three hours are devoted to tutor training. After that, each weekly meeting will consist of 1 hour of class followed by 2 hours of tutoring. All tutoring will happen during class – students will not be asked tutor outside of class time.

What’s the workload like for EDUC 387?

EDUC 387 is a 3-credit-hour class that includes assigned readings and short written assignments. The assignments focus on self-reflection, peer observation, and application of course material rather than research.

Does EDUC 387 fulfill the Experiential Education (EE) requirement? Does it fulfill the High-Impact Experience requirement?

Yes! Peer Tutoring fulfills the Experiential Education requirement and the High-Impact Experience (HI-SERVICE) requirement.

How do I enroll in EDUC 387 – Peer Tutoring?

The School of Education registrar enrolls students in EDUC 387 once they have been approved to serve as a peer tutor by Learning Center staff.  You will NOT receive a permission number to enroll in EDUC 387.

Do I get paid to be a peer tutor?

The Learning Center hires a limited number of peer tutors each semester. These are students who have completed EDUC 387 and performed well in the course. If you wish to be a paid tutor, you must first take EDUC 387. You cannot be a Learning Center tutor without taking EDUC 387.