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ADHD and LD (Learning Differences) Support

“Do I need a diagnosis to make an appointment or use any of the Learning Center’s ADHD/LD services?”

No, you do not need a diagnosis to use any of the Learning Center’s services, including academic coaching with one of the ADHD/LD Specialists

“What happens in an academic coaching appointment with an ADHD/LD Specialist?”

Our ADHD/LD specialists help you develop learning skills and strategies, access resources, and get the most out of your courses. Depending on what kind of support you are looking for, your session might cover:

We do not do testing, official evaluation, or handle university accommodations through the Learning Center, but we can help you navigate those resources.

“In addition to academic coaching, what other services does the Learning Center offer for ADHD/LD support?”

Every year the Learning Center offers an array of ADHD/LD programming that may include coaching groups, workshops, and special events. Check out our ADHD/LD Support page for current information.

“Where do I go for inquiries about accommodations at UNC-Chapel Hill?”

For questions about or to register for accommodations, connect with our colleagues at Accessibility Resources and Service (ARS):

For Parents

“My college-bound student has a learning difference and/or ADHD. What kinds of services are available?”

The Learning Center helps students with learning differences and ADHD develop tools and strategies.. We also help them better understand the impact of ADHD/LD at the university level. Encourage your student to schedule an academic coaching appointment with a staff member that specializes in ADHD/LD. You can access more information on the Learning Center’s services here: ADHD/LD Support.

Students seeking accommodations at UNC-Chapel Hill must register with Accessibility Resources and Service (ARS). ARS is the department at UNC responsible for managing all aspects of accommodations.