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Welcome to the UNC Learning Center

See our guide on how to keep writing and learning remotely for resources to help you navigate your academic life online.

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  • Finals Boot Camp – 5/6 @ 9 a.m. to 12 p.m./Zoom

  • Math for Physics 119 Workshop – 5/7 @ 2 p.m. to 4 p.m./Zoom

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Take an inside look at the Learning Center

The Learning Center gives me the reassurance and hope that I will prosper in the academic arena at Carolina… that I will thrive. Tae Brown

Students studying for STEM courses.

Study strong with our STEM learning groups. STEM courses can pose unique challenges. The Learning Center offers learning groups for Chemistry, Biology, and Math courses, as well as online resources.

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Various ADHD/LD books, resources, and fidget objects.

Get support for ADHD and LD.

Find ADHD/LD resources here

Getting the Most from Lectures:

  • Get the most out of classroom lectures. Take 5 minutes right after class to summarize the professor’s key points.

Strategic Test Prep:

  • Develop a smarter way to study. Learn how to pinpoint your weakest areas and plan your study time accordingly.


  • Procrastination Tip #7: Create an “unschedule” to identify free times when you can plan to study or tackle assignments.