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Summer 2022 Tutoring by Appointment

Peer tutoring by appointment is available during Summer Session I and II in-person in SASB North and over Zoom. To make an appointment, click here.

Peer Tutoring Frequently Asked Questions

Tutors Available for the Following Courses:

BIOL 101GabyAlyssa
BIOL 201GabyAlyssa
BIOL 202GabyAlyssa
BIOL 205GabyAlyssa
BIOL 252Alyssa
BUSI 102Addison
CHEM 101NikkiGabyAlyssa
CHEM 102Alyssa
CHEM 241Alyssa
CHEM 261GabyAlyssa
CHEM 262Alyssa
CLAR 247Nikki
ECON 101AddisonNikki
ECON 400Nikki
ECON 410AddisonNikki
FREN 101Alyssa
FREN 102Alyssa
FREN 203Alyssa
MATH 110AddisonBaralRob
MATH 118AddisonRob
MATH 130AddisonBaralRob
MATH 231AddisonBaralRob
MATH 232BaralRob
MATH 233BaralRob
MATH 347Rob
MATH 381BaralRob
MATH 383RobBaral
PHYS 114RobGabyBaral
PHYS 115Rob
PHYS 118Rob
PHYS 119Rob
PLCY 210Nikki
PSYC 101Baral
PSYC 210Baral
PSYC 230Baral
PSYC 250Baral
SPAN 101AddisonGaby
SPAN 102AddisonGaby
SPAN 203AddisonGaby
STOR 113Nikki
STOR 155AddisonGabyNikkiAlyssa
STOR 455Alyssa

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