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Fall 2022 Tutoring by Appointment

Peer tutoring by appointment is available during Fall 2022 in-person in SASB North and Dey Hall and over Zoom. To make an appointment, click here. If you’re having trouble finding an appointment, look on Monday and Tuesday evenings – this is when we have the most tutors available. 

You’re welcome to bring a classmate to your in-person or Zoom appointment! Please just indicate that you’ll be working with a classmate when you sign up for your appointment.

Peer Tutoring Frequently Asked Questions

Tutors Available for the Following Courses:

BIOC 107AlyssaPaulLiziNikkiEmma
BIOL 101KathleenZach V.PaulAlyssaStephLiziand more
BIOL 103AlyssaBrianZach V.KathleenPaul
BIOL 104AlyssaPaul
BIOL 201AlyssaPaulMarisaPeytonMuki
BIOL 202AlyssaZach V.BrianPaulKathleenRohanand more
BIOL 205AlyssaBrianMohitHopeHannahUrjaand more
BIOL 252AlyssaPaulBrianMohitHopeRohanand more
BIOL 430AlyssaPaulMohitSophieHopeMuki
BMME 205AlyssaKathleen
BMME 302Alyssa
BMME 345Alyssa
BUSI 102Emma L.GarrisonMalaika
BUSI 408Garrison
BUSI 520Yiwen
CHEM 101AlyssaPaulLizzyKathleenStephEmma G.LiziNikkiand more
CHEM 102AlyssaPaulLizzyElloraZach V.Stephand more
CHEM 241AlyssaPaulLiziCelesteNimraPeytonand more
CHEM 261AlyssaPaulLizzyRohanKanishkaMohitand more
CHEM 262AlyssaPaulLizzyRohanKanishkaMohitand more
CHEM 430AlyssaPaulMohitSophieHopeMuki
CHIN all levelsChenMicoEvaSichengYiwen
COMP 110LizzyKathleenHaleyVidyuthGuillermoZach C.Juyoungand more
COMP 116LizzySichengMalaika
COMP 126Guillermo
COMP 210LizzyKevinGuillermoZach C.Joe G.
COMP 301LizzyVidyuthKevinGuillermoZach C.Joe G.
COMP 311Joe G.
COMP 421Juyoung
COMP 426Joe G.Juyoung
COMP 455Zach C.
COMP 524Zach C.
COMP 541Zach C.
ECON 101NikkiMary-ElisabethSydneyMalaika
ECON 310NikkiMary-ElisabethEmma L.LauraMuki
ECON 400Emma L.EvaLaura
ECON 410NikkiMary-ElisabethEmma L.LauraYueMalaika
ECON 420Mary-Elisabeth
ECON 450Nikki
EXSS 175HaleyLizMimiBriaLilyGarrisonand more
EXSS 180Lauren Sw.
EXSS 181MimiCarolineLauren Sw.
EXSS 273Anika
EXSS 276MimiLizSarahLydia
EXSS 288MimiCarolineAnika
EXSS 376MimiCaroline
EXSS 385Caroline
FREN 101AlyssaBrianKanishkaAbbyHaleyEllora
FREN 102AlyssaBrianKanishka
FREN 105AlyssaBrianKanishka
FREN 203AlyssaBrian
GEOL 101Mary-Elisabeth
GERM 101Joseph
GERM 102Joseph
GERM 203Joseph
GERM 204Joseph
GLBL 210Sydney
HNUR all levelsBaralUrja
INLS 161Eva
INLS 385Eva
INLS 509Kevin
INLS 523Kevin
ITAL 101Mary-Elisabeth
ITAL 102Mary-Elisabeth
ITAL 203Mary-Elisabeth
KOR 101Abi
LATN 101Nikki
LATN 102Nikki
LATN 203Nikki
LING 101LiziHaleyAthena
MATH 110BaralRobLizzyMarleighJoshZach V.KathleenAlyssaEmma L.and more
MATH 118Rob
MATH 130BaralRobLizzyMarleighJoshZach V.KathleenAlyssaEmma L.and more
MATH 152BaralRobLizzyMarleighJoshZach V.KathleenAlyssaEmma L.and more
MATH 231BaralRobLizzyMarleighJoshZach V.KathleenAlyssaEmma L.and more
MATH 232BaralRobLizzyMarleighJoshZach V.Joe S.MohitChloeand more
MATH 233BaralRobLizzyMarleighJoshZach V.Joe S.MohitChloeand more
MATH 347RobJoshJianguangJoe S.Zach C.
MATH 381BaralRobLizzyMarleighJoshZach V.and more
MATH 383BaralRobLizzyMarleighJoshChloeand more
MATH 521RobChloe
MATH 535LizzyRobJoe S.Malaika
MATH 577Rob
MCRO 251PeytonDristi
NSCI 175LiziLauren Sw.
NUTR 240Seka
PHIL 101AbiSamuel
PHIL 160Abby
PHIL 220Chloe
PHYS 114RobBaralElloraPeytonUrjaLilliand more
PHYS 115RobPeytonMohitSamanyuLydia
PHYS 118RobKathleenSichengJoe S.Juyoung
PHYS 119RobSicheng
PHYS 331Rob
PLCY 210Nikki
PLCY 310Nikki
PLCY 460Anastasia
PORT 101HaleySophieMaria
PORT 102HaleySophieMaria
PORT 203SophieMaria
PORT 401HaleySophieMaria
PORT 402Maria
PSYC 101BaralElloraLiziKruti
PSYC 210BaralZach V.KrutiLauren Sw.
PSYC 230BaralLizi
PSYC 250BaralEllora
PSYC 270Zach V.
SOCI 101Emma L.LizKacieKathleenLydiaMaria
SOCI 122LiziSarah
SOCI 172KeeleySarahJenna
SOCI 444Keeley
SPAN 105Emma L.Emma G.HaleyStephKeeleyToriand more
SPAN 203Emma L.Emma G.HaleyStephKeeleyToriand more
SPAN 204Emma L.Emma G.HaleyStephKeeleyToriand more
SPAN 261Emma L.Emma G.HaleyKeeleyToriGarrisonand more
SPAN 300HaleySamuel
SPAN 301Maria
SPAN 320Emma L.
SPAN 321Maria
SPAN 325Emma L.
SPAN 328Keeley
SPAN 329KeeleyEmma L.
SPAN 340Guillermo
STOR 113NikkiCaroline
STOR 120ChenAthenaYiwen
STOR 151PaulSarah
STOR 155NikkiMary-ElisabethBaralPaulAlyssaZach V.and more
STOR 305LizzyYue
STOR 320Chen
STOR 415MicoJianguangYueZach C.
STOR 435LizzyRobMicoJianguangZach C.Malaika
STOR 445LizzyZach C.
STOR 455AlyssaLizzyJianguangZach C.
STOR 565Lizzy

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