Summer Session I

Tutoring is available May 16-June 19 for Session I.
All appointments take place in Room 130 in the Undergraduate Library.

To make an appointment with a tutor for your class, use the tables below to find the names and availability of tutors who support your course. Then schedule an appointment through the Learning Center appointment calendar by clicking on the Appointments tab above.

Please note: Peer tutoring appointments are limited to two sessions per week, and you may only have one appointment reserved on the calendar at a given time. If you’d like additional tutoring, please come by Dey Hall on Tuesday or Wednesday evening for drop-in tutoring.

The schedule below is for Summer Session I only. Information for Summer Session II will be updated between sessions.

Please do not make an appointment with a tutor who is not listed for your course.

Session I Tutors by Course

BIOL 101AmandaCocoKate
BIOL 201Lizzy
BIOL 202AmandaCocoLizzy
BIOL 205CocoLizzy
BIOL 252AmandaCoco
CHEM 101CarolineCocoLizzy
CHEM 102CarolineCocoLizzy
CHEM 261CarolineCocoLizzy
CHEM 262CarolineCocoLizzy
ECON 101John
ECON 410John
ECON 420John
ECON 425John
EXSS 141Amanda
EXSS 175Amanda
EXSS 276Amanda
MATH 110Kate
MATH 118Kate
MATH 119Kate
MATH 130Kate
MATH 231Kate
MATH 232Kate
MATH 233Kate
MATH 381Kate
PHYS 114Lizzy
SPAN 101AmandaJohn
SPAN 102AmandaJohn
SPAN 105AmandaJohn
SPAN 203AmandaJohn
SPAN 255John

Appointment Tutor Schedule