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Fall 2023 Tutoring by Appointment

Peer Tutoring by Appointment is open for Fall 2023. The tutors listed below will be available for in-person appointments in SASB North, Dey Hall, and over Zoom. To make an appointment, click here.

When signing up for an appointment, please make sure that the tutor you select offers the course you need. You’re welcome to bring a classmate to your in-person or Zoom appointment! Please just indicate that you’ll be working with a classmate when you sign up for your appointment.

Peer Tutoring Frequently Asked Questions

Tutors Available for the Following Courses:

ASTR 103Rob
BIOC 107Lizi
BIOL 101ZachLiziCassian Jackson
BIOL 103KrutiLiziArnavZach
BIOL 104Arnav
BIOL 202KrutiAshleyArnav
BIOL 220KrutiAshleyArnav
BIOL 252Kruti
CHEM 101AshleyMichelleLiziCassian
CHEM 102BeccaAshley
CHEM 241BeccaAshleyJackson
CHEM 251Jackson
CHEM 261KrutiAshleyJacksonBeccaLizi
CHEM 262JacksonBecca
COMP 110AlondraMichelle
COMP 210AlondraArnav
COMP 211ArnavAlondra
COMP 283Arnav
COMP 301Alondra
ECON 101Abby
ECON 310Abby
ECON 410Abby
FREN 101ArnavCassian
FREN 102ArnavCassian
FREN 105Arnav
GEOL 101Abby
HNUR 101Baral
HNUR 102Baral
JAPN 101Rob
JAPN 102Rob
MATH 110BaralRobAlondraMichelleMarleighZachBeccaCassianJacksonArnav
MATH 115RobBaralAlondraMichelleMarleighZachBeccaCassianJacksonArnav
MATH 116RobBaralMarleigh
MATH 118Rob
MATH 119RobBaral
MATH 130BaralRobAlondraMichelleMarleighZachArnavCassianJacksonBecca
MATH 152BaralRobAlondraMichelleMarleighZachArnavCassianJackson
MATH 231BaralRobAlondraMichelleMarleighZachArnavCassianJackson
MATH 232BaralRobAlondraMichelleMarleighZachArnavJackson
MATH 233BaralRobZachMichelleMarleighJackson
MATH 347BaralRobMarleighZach
MATH 381BaralRobAlondraMichelleMarleighZach
MATH 383BaralRobMichelleMarleigh
MATH 521RobMarleigh
MATH 524Rob
MATH 528Rob
MATH 531Marleigh
MATH 533Marleigh
MATH 534Rob
MATH 535RobBaralZach
MATH 577Rob
MUSC 121Arnav
NSCI 175LiziAshley
NSCI 225Baral
PHYS 114RobBaralMichelle
PHYS 115RobKrutiBaral
PHYS 118RobMichelle
PHYS 119Rob
PHYS 311Rob
PHYS 331Rob
PHYS 401Rob
PSYC 101BaralKrutiZachLizi
PSYC 210BaralKrutiZach
PSYC 220Kruti
PSYC 230BaralLizi
PSYC 245Baral
PSYC 250Baral
PSYC 270BaralKrutiZach
SOCI 122Lizi
SPAN 100TateAbbyMichelle
SPAN 101TateAbbyMichelle
SPAN 102TateAbbyMichelle
SPAN 105TateAbbyMichelle
SPAN 203TateAbbyMichelle
SPAN 204TateAbbyMichelle
SPAN 261Tate
SPAN 300Tate
STOR 113Abby
STOR 120AlondraMichelle
STOR 151BaralZach
STOR 155BaralAshleyZach
STOR 215BaralZach
STOR 235BaralRobZach
STOR 315Baral
STOR 415Zach
STOR 435RobBaralZach
STOR 445Zach
STOR 455BaralZach
STOR 472Zach

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