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Spring 2023 Tutoring by Appointment

The tutors listed below are currently available for in-person appointments in SASB North and over Zoom. Additional classes, tutors, and appointments in Dey Hall will be added to this list in mid-January. To make an appointment, click here.

You’re welcome to bring a classmate to your in-person or Zoom appointment! Please just indicate that you’ll be working with a classmate when you sign up for your appointment.

Peer Tutoring Frequently Asked Questions

Tutors Available for the Following Courses:

ASTR 103Rob
ANTH 319Valentina
ARAB 102Jad
BIOC 108AlyssaPaul
BIOL 101SekaZachPaulAlyssaBrianLiziKathleenMichelleand more
BIOL 103AlyssaBrianZachKathleenPaulLiziand more
BIOL 104AlyssaPaulXiaoyuBellaHannahDawnand more
BIOL 201AlyssaPaulXiaoyuBellaHannahDawnand more
BIOL 202AlyssaZachBrianPaulKathleenXiaoyuand more
BIOL 205AlyssaBrianXiaoyuBellaClaire S.Trevorand more
BIOL 220AlyssaZachBrianPaulKathleenXiaoyuand more
BIOL 252AlyssaPaulBrianXiaoyuLilyJustinand more
BIOL 430AlyssaPaulKanishkaTrevor ValentinaJillian
BIOL 445Paul
BIOL 474Bella
BIOS 600Lily
BUSI 407Scarlett
BUSI 408Scarlett
CHEM 101AlyssaPaulLizzyKathleenMichelleLiziNikkiXiaoyuLilyand more
CHEM 102AlyssaPaulLizzyElloraLilyXiaoyuand more
CHEM 241AlyssaPaulXiaoyuKanishkaLiziJacksonand more
CHEM 251Trevor
CHEM 261AlyssaPaulLizzyKanishkaXiaoyuSusiand more
CHEM 262AlyssaPaulLizzyKanishkaXiaoyuJustinand more
CHEM 430AlyssaPaulKanishkaTrevorValentinaJillian
CHIN 102XiaoyuScarlettAlexYixuan
CHIN 204XiaoyuScarlettAlexYixuan
COMP 110LizzyKathleenCarsenJadMatthewWynand more
COMP 116LizzyMaddySamAutenJaden
COMP 126Matthew
COMP 210LizzyJoeyAlondraArnav
COMP 211Jett
COMP 283ArnavMilesSam
COMP 301LizzyJettJoeyMatthewWynJaden
COMP 311WynJadenMiles
COMP 426JoeyMatthew
COMP 455JettJoeyEthan J.Miles
ECON 101NikkiMary-ElisabethPriyankaAidanJacobKara
ECON 310NikkiMary-ElisabethScarlettAbby N.PriyankaJacoband more
ECON 400JacobPriyankaScarlett
ECON 410NikkiMary-ElisabethScarlettAbby N.PriyankaJacoband more
ECON 420Mary-ElisabethJacob
ECON 450Nikki
ECON 469Jacob
ECON 480Jacob
ECON 486Yixuan
EXSS 175LilyTaylorAbbie E.
EXSS 181Taylor
EXSS 273Taylor
EXSS 276LilyAbbie E.
EXSS 288Taylor
EXSS 385Allen
FREN 101AlyssaBrianKanishkaElloraCassianClaire T.and more
FREN 102AlyssaBrianKanishkaCassianClaire T.Arnavand more
FREN 105AlyssaBrianKanishkaCassianClaire T.Arnavand more
FREN 203AlyssaBrianClaire T.Arnav
GEOG 370Suzanne
GEOL 101Mary-ElisabethAbby N.
GERM 101Tommy
GERM 102Tommy
HNUR 102Baral
ITAL 101Mary-Elisabeth
ITAL 102Mary-Elisabeth
ITAL 203Mary-Elisabeth
JAPN 102Rob
KOR 102Joey
LATN 101Nikki
LATN 102Nikki
LATN 203Nikki
LING 101LiziSuzanne
LING 460Ryan
MASC 101Kara
MATH 110BaralRobZachMarleighMichelleLizzyKathleenAlyssaKanishkaand more
MATH 118Rob
MATH 130BaralRobZachMarleighMichelleLizzyKathleenAlyssaKanishkaand more
MATH 152BaralRobZachMarleighMichelleLizzyKathleenAlyssaand more
MATH 231BaralRobZachMarleighMichelleLizzyKathleenAlyssaand more
MATH 232BaralRobZachMarleighMichelleEthan W.and more
MATH 233BaralRobZachMarleighMichelleEthan W.and more
MATH 347BaralRobZachEthan W. PriyankaAutenand more
MATH 381BaralRobZachMarleighLizzyEthan W.and more
MATH 383BaralRobLizzyMarleighAutenWynand more
MATH 521RobMarleighSamAlexAuten
MATH 534Rob
MATH 535LizzyRobBaralZach
MATH 548AlexSam
MCRO 251Jillian
MUSC 121Arnav
MUSC 130Trevor
MUSC 131Trevor
MUSC 132Trevor
MUSC 133Trevor
MUSC 232Trevor
NSCI 175LiziHannah-MarieAshley
NSCI 222Hannah-MarieYash
NSCI 225Hannah-Marie
PHYS 114RobBaralElloraGabyMichelleJustinand more
PHYS 115RobXiaoyuKanishkaGabySusiSharonand more
PHYS 118RobKathleenAidanMaddyJadenAidan
PHYS 119RobMaddyJaden
PHYS 331Rob
PHYS 401Rob
PLCY 210NikkiMary-Elisabeth
PLCY 310Nikki
POLI 130Kara
POLI 150Kara
POLI 281Kara
PORT 101Abbey S.
PORT 102Abbey S.
PORT 203Abbey S.
PORT 401Abbey S.
PORT 402Abbey S.
PSYC 101BaralElloraLiziZachKaraBrie
PSYC 210BaralZachHannah-MarieKara
PSYC 220Taylor
PSYC 230BaralLizi
PSYC 250BaralElloraKara
PSYC 260Kara
PSYC 270ZachBaralKara
RUSS 102Ben
SOCI 101CassianAbbie E.
SOCI 122Lizi
SPAN 100SekaMichelleEmilyEmma M.SabarishAnne-Marieand more
SPAN 101SekaMichelleEmilyEmma M.SabarishAnne-Marieand more
SPAN 102SekaMichelleEmilyEmma M.SabarishAnne-Marieand more
SPAN 105SekaMichelleEmilyEmma M.SabarishAnne-Marieand more
SPAN 203SekaMichelleEmilyEmma M.SabarishAnne-Marieand more
SPAN 204SekaMichelleEmilyEmma M.SabarishAnne-Marieand more
SPAN 255Emma M.
SPAN 261SekaEmilyEmma M.SabarishAbbey S.Carsenand more
SPAN 300Abbey S.Ellie
SPAN 301Ellie
SPAN 321SekaSabarish
SPAN 325Emily
SPAN 328SekaSabarish
SPAN 351Ellie
SPAN 360Abbey S.
SPAN 369Ellie
SPAN 371Ellie
STOR 113Nikki
STOR 120KathleenAlondraChristopherEthan J.
STOR 151ZachMary-ElisabethBaralNikkiAlyssaRyan
STOR 155ZachMary-ElisabethBaralNikkiAlyssaBenand more
STOR 215LizzyBaralZachJason
STOR 305LizzyHoldenRyan
STOR 320Ethan W.HoldenRyanMilesYixuan
STOR 415HoldenAuten
STOR 435LizzyRobBaralZachSamAuten
STOR 445Lizzy
STOR 455AlyssaLizzyBaralZachSamHoldenand more
STOR 555Sam
STOR 565LizzySam
VIET 102Taylor
VIET 204Taylor

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