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Spring 2022 Tutoring by Appointment

Peer tutoring by appointment will begin Mon. Jan. 10! To make an appointment, click here. Please note that all appointments are currently offered via Zoom, with in-person appointments coming soon in SASB North

Peer Tutoring Frequently Asked Questions

Tutors Available for the Following Courses:

ANTH 101Kamil
ARAB 102Ameen
BIOC 108KamilAnkita
BIOL 101MeganLuciaPaulKamilSig
BIOL 201LuciaAlyssaAryan
BIOL 202LuciaAlyssaAryanReaganMeganAnkitaPaulNatalieGabySig
BIOL 205LuciaAlyssaGabyAnkita
BIOL 252AlyssaAryanKamilAnkitaPaulSig
BIOL 430KamilAnkitaAryan
BMME 205AlyssaAmeen
BUSI 102NikkiAddison
CHEM 101GeorgeKamilReaganGabyPaulAmeenNikkiSig
CHEM 102GeorgeKamilPaulAmeenSig
CHEM 241PaulAryanSig
CHEM 251Kamil
CHEM 261GabyPaulAnkitaAlyssaAryanSig
CHEM 262KamilAlyssaAryanPaul
CHEM 430KamilAnkitaAryan
COMP 110Lucia
COMP 116AryanJake
ECON 101Mary-ElisabethNikkiAddison
ECON 310Mary-ElisabethNikki
ECON 400Mary-ElisabethNikki
ECON 410Mary-ElisabethNikki
ECON 420Mary-Elisabeth
ECON 450Nikki
FREN 101Alyssa
FREN 102Alyssa
FREN 105Alyssa
FREN 203Alyssa
GEOL 101Mary-Elisabeth
HNUR 101Megan
ITAL 101Mary-Elisabeth
ITAL 102Mary-Elisabeth
ITAL 203Mary-Elisabeth
KOR 102George
KOR 204George
KOR 306George
LATN 101NatalieNikki
LATN 102NatalieNikki
LATN 203NatalieNikki
LING 101Jake
MATH 110LuciaJakeNatalieAmeenSigAddisonAlyssaReaganGeorge
MATH 118Addison
MATH 130LuciaJakeNatalieAmeenSigAddisonAlyssaReagan
MATH 231LuciaJakeNatalieAmeenSigAddisonAlyssa
MATH 232LuciaJakeNatalieAmeenSig
MATH 233LuciaJakeNatalieAmeen
MATH 347NatalieLucia
MATH 381LuciaJakeNatalieSig
MATH 383JakeNatalie
MATH 521Jake
NSCI 175Sig
NSCI 222Sig
NSCI 225Sig
PHYS 114ReaganMeganKamilAryanSigGaby
PHYS 115MeganKamilAryan
PHYS 118Ameen
PHYS 119Ameen
PLCY 210Nikki
PLCY 310Nikki
SOCI 101AddisonMegan
SPAN 100KamilGabyAddison
SPAN 101KamilGabyAddison
SPAN 102KamilGabyAddison
SPAN 105KamilGabyAddison
SPAN 203KamilGabyAddison
SPAN 204Kamil
SPAN 255Kamil
SPAN 261Kamil
SPAN 300Kamil
STOR 151Paul
STOR 155LuciaPaulNikkiReaganMary-ElisabethGabyAddison

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