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Fall 2020 Tutoring by Appointment

To make an appointment with a tutor for your class, use the tables below to find the names and availability of tutors who support your course. Then schedule an appointment through the Learning Center appointment calendar by clicking on the Zoom Appointments tab above. Note: All appointments take place online via Zoom.

Make a peer tutoring appointment now!

Please do not make an appointment with a tutor who is not listed for your course.

Zoom tutoring generally works better when using a computer/laptop rather than a phone. So if it’s possible, please use a computer/laptop for Zoom peer tutoring.

Drop-in Peer Tutoring is also available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 6:00 and 8:00 pm

Peer Tutoring Frequently Asked Questions

Appointment Tutors by Course

ANTH 101Lindley
BIOC 107Katy
BIOL 101BrookeDorisPriscillaPurushSig
BIOL 201DorisLuciaPriscilla
BIOL 202DorisLuciaNataliePriscillaPurushShinjiniSig
BIOL 205LuciaPriscillaPurush
BIOL 252KatyMackenziePriscillaPurush
BIOL 430DorisMackenziePurush
BUSI 102Anna C.Brooke
CHEM 101DorisEmmaLucia
CHEM 102DorisLuciaMackenziePriscillaPurushSelmaShinjiniSigSimone
CHEM 241PriscillaPurushSig
CHEM 261DorisMackenziePriscillaPurushSelmaShinjiniSimone
CHEM 262DorisPriscillaPurushShinjini
CHEM 430DorisMackenizePurush
CHIN all levelsDorisEvaLexi
COMP 110KilaLuciaSimone
COMP 116Eva
COMP 126Eva
COMP 401EvaKila
COMP 410EvaKila
COMP 411Eva
COMP 455EvaKila
COMP 550EvaKila
ECON 101AliCaleb
ECON 310AliAnna C.Caleb
ECON 384Lindley
ECON 400AliBrookeCalebLexi
ECON 410AliAnna C.Caleb
ECON 420Caleb
ECON 470Lexi
FREN 101AliSimone
FREN 102AliSimone
FREN 105AliSimone
FREN 203Simone
GERM 101Lexi
LATN 101Natalie
LATN 102Natalie
LATN 203Natalie
MATH 110CalebLexiLilySelma
MATH 118Robin C.
MATH 130CalebLilySelma
MATH 231CalebKilaLilyLuciaNatalieSelmaSig
MATH 232CalebLilyLuciaNatalieSig
MATH 233CalebLilyLuciaNatalieSig
MATH 347Eva
MATH 381EvaLilyLuciaNatalie
MATH 383Natalie
MATH 533Lily
MATH 547Eva
MATH 548Lily
MATH 564Lily
MATH 577Lily
MCRO 251Katy
MUSC 121EvaMackenzie
NSCI 175Sig
PHYS 100Lexi
PHYS 114DorisPurushSelmaSimone
PHYS 115PurushSimone
PORT 101Selma
PORT 102Selma
PORT 203Selma
PSYC 101AliShinjini
PSYC 210Lindley
SOCI 251Eva
SOCI 252EvaLexi
SPAN 100Anna C.BrookeEmmaKatyLindleyRobin C.
SPAN 101Anna C.BrookeEmmaKatyLindleyRobin C.
SPAN 102Anna C.BrookeEmmaKatyLindleyRobin C.
SPAN 105Anna C.BrookeEmmaKatyLindleyRobin C.
SPAN 203Anna C.BrookeEmmaKatyLindleyRobin C.
SPAN 204Anna C.BrookeEmmaLindleyRobin C.
SPAN 255Brooke
SPAN 261BrookeEmmaLindleyRobin C.
SPAN 300Brooke
STOR 113Lexi
STOR 151Lexi
STOR 155Anna C.BrookeCalebKilaLexiSelma
STOR 305Lexi
STOR 435CalebKila
STOR 455Lexi

Appointment Tutor Schedule (all times Eastern)


Click the Zoom Appointments tab above to schedule an appointment.