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About STEM support at the Learning Center

“What STEM support does the Learning center offer?”

The Learning Center offers one-on-one STEM support in the form of Academic Coaching and Peer Tutoring. Our STEM specialists also facilitate collaborative learning groups for some of the introductory STEM classes: BioCell for Biology, CHEMpossible for Chemistry, Math Plus for Mathematics and Vectorious for Physics.

“How do I work with a STEM coach?”

Make an appointment on our website! Each coach’s specialty will be listed next to their name. Any coach can offer general strategies for STEM courses, but subject specialists can also help address specific content.

“What should I bring to my STEM coaching appointment?”

If you want to talk about specific content, bring anything you think would be helpful to show your coach (e.g. notes, textbook, practice problems). If you want to talk general strategies, there is no need to bring anything specific.

“How do I work with a STEM tutor?”

All tutoring is through our Peer Tutoring program! Check out the Peer Tutoring FAQs.

“Who are your STEM coaches?”

All of our academic coaches are full-time staff members or graduate students who go through our training program. You can learn more about us on our “Meet Our Staff” page.

“How do I join a STEM group?”

All information about STEM groups is shared through our Sakai pages. You can find more info about STEM groups and links to join the Sakai pages at

“What if I am taking a STEM class that there isn’t a specialist for?”

You should still meet with us! Our coaches are trained to help with strategies for any class. You can also see if there is a peer tutor for your specific class.

“Do I have to be a STEM major to work with a STEM coach or attend a STEM learning group?”

Absolutely not! Any Carolina student can meet with any of our STEM coaches. To attend a STEM learning group, you should be enrolled in the course corresponding to the group that you are attending.

“Can I meet regularly with more than one STEM coach?”

Yes! We encourage students to meet with multiple coaches if they would like, and your notes from each session will be available to all Learning Center coaches.