Understanding errors you made on an exam is an important part of the learning process.  The Test Analyzer will help you identify patterns of mistakes and their causes to help you better prepare for your next exam.

Complete the Test Analyzer Table below. Select from (A-E) to identify the reason you got each question wrong.

  1. Content Comprehension—I understood the question, but did not fully understand or remember the content
  2. Unfamiliar with the Content—I didn’t study this and/or don’t remember discussing this topic or idea in class
  3. Question Comprehension—Did not understand the question
  4. Careless Error—I misread the question, the answer choices and/or made a careless error in an earlier part of the problem/essay
  5. Other—Any other reason?

  1. Do you notice a common Question Type missed? What is it?
  1. As you prepare for your next test, how will you learn or relearn content for error types A&B?
    EX: Textbook, Lecture Notes, Tutor, T.A., Professor, Other Resources
  1. While taking your next test, what strategies can you try for error types C&D?

Download PDF: Test Analyzer

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