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Before reflecting on your habits relating to time management, consider watching this short video on Time Management and SMART Goals or filling out this Time Management Inventory.

You can also choose to “start fresh” and answer these questions without priming your thoughts with strategies.

Time Management Reflection
1. When I think about “time management” and meeting goals, what comes to mind? How do I define ideal forms of time management?
2. Where did my ideas about time management come from? What examples from my own life, my peers, or others have influenced what I believe good time management should look like?
3. What are some “labels” or “tags” I would associate with healthy time management?
4. What are some attitudes that I have witnessed or imagine would support healthy time management?
5. What are some actions that I have witnessed or imagine that would support healthy time management? What are things I believe people do consistently that support how they organize their time?
6. When I think about my own time management experiences, what are some thoughts that come up?
7. When I think about my own time management experiences, what are some emotions that come up? What do these emotions “look” and “feel” like (e.g. feeling queasy or noticing your heart racing)?
8. How do I want to feel about my own time management? What do I want my days to “look” like?
9. What are some actions, habits, beliefs, and/or assumptions that I believe getting in the way of my preferred time management experience? How do my other life choices or circumstances around sleep, nutrition, movement, socializing, work, and screen time factor in?
10. If I could choose one small action to take today that would support my image of healthy time management, what would it be?
11. Finally, how do I want to bring the benefits of this reflection into more specific development of my own time management? What other questions do I need to ask myself? Are there others I need to talk to like professors, TAs, peers, parents, counsellors like those at CAPS, Academic Coaches, ADHD and LD Support, Accessibility Resource & Service, Academic Advising, or others to help me move forward?

You can use your completed Time Management Reflection to help start a conversation with an academic coach at the Learning Center, identify habits you want to work on, and guide your experiences at Carolina and beyond.

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