PART 1: Prepare a Personalized Study Plan

To make the most of your study time, it’s important to optimize your attention. This worksheet will help you identify factors that influence you attention, and allow you to develop a personalized study approach.  As you analyze your attention and work habits, consider talking with your friends or family to get more perspectives from those that know you well.

 STEP 1: General attention helpers and blockers

First, it’s helpful to think generally about what sort of things influence your attention so you can include these considerations in your study/work approach.

STEP 2: Signs you may be off-task

By knowing your warning signs, you can monitor and prompt yourself to re-focus or take a break. Identifying the warning signs that you may be off-task

STEP 3: Preparing to promote attention

Next, complete this table using the information you generated in STEPS 1 and 2 to form your study plan.

Now check out PART 2 to learn how to track and monitor your attention, and evaluate your study approach!

Download Word.Doc: ADHD-Optimizing Attn Part 1

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