Fall 2017

Appointment tutoring begins September 5th.

To make an appointment with a tutor for your class, use the table below to find the names of tutors who support your course. Then schedule an appointment through the Learning Center appointment calendar by clicking on the Appointments tab above.

Please note: Peer tutoring appointments are limited to two sessions per week, and you may only have one appointment reserved on the calendar at a given time. If you’d like additional tutoring, please come by Dey Hall on Tuesday or Wednesday evening for drop-in tutoring.

Please do not make an appointment with a tutor who is not listed for your course. 

For information on Tuesday and Wednesday evening drop-in peer tutoring, please click here.

ASTR 101Elizabeth
ASTR 102Elizabeth
BIOC 107Coco
BIOL 101CheyenneClaireJordanTim
BIOL 201JordanJudyLin
BIOL 202Claire
BIOL 205AbbyClaireCocoJudyLizzy
BIOL 252ClaireJerryLin
BUSI 101Jammin
CHEM 101ClaireJerryKimLizzyTaylor
CHEM 102Abby
CHEM 241CatherineClaireJerryKimLizzyTim
CHEM 251Catherine
CHEM 261Abby
CHEM 262AbbyCatherineCocoJerryKimLinTim
CHEM 430CatherineJerryKimLin
CHIN 101-407Alice
COMP 110Jerry
COMP 401Raveena
COMP 410Raveena
ECON 101DannyJustinRaveena
ECON 310Justin
ECON 400DannyJustin
ECON 410Danny
ECON 420Justin
ECON 480Justin
EXSS 175Cheyenne
EXSS 276Cheyenne
EXSS 288Cheyenne
FREN 101Jammin
FREN 102Jammin
FREN 203Jammin
GEOL 101Theresa
JAPN 101-203Alice
KOR 101-305Alice
MATH 110RaveenaTheresa
MATH 130Raveena
MATH 231Raveena
MATH 232RaveenaTheresaZoe
MATH 233Zoe
MATH 547Raveena
MCRO 251Jordan
PHYS 114Lizzy
PHYS 115AbbyJudy
PHYS 118Elizabeth
PHYS 119Elizabeth
SPAN 100JordanTaylor
SPAN 101JordanTaylor
SPAN 203Jordan
SPAN 204Jordan
STOR 155Tim