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Study Smarter

Managing Technology 

Studying 101

Simple Study Template

Using Concept Maps

Using Higher-Order Questions

Getting the Most from Lectures

Learning Languages

Emailing Your Professor

Using Office Hours Effectively

Working with Study Partners

Self-Scripting for Academic Growth

Learning Chemistry

Studying for Math

Effective Note-Taking in Class

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Read Better

Reading Comprehension Tips

Reading Textbooks


Taking Notes While Reading

Reading Journal Articles

Note Taking Template for Journals

Annotating Texts

Highlighting: The User’s Guide

Diagrams and Graphs

Reading in the Social Sciences

Reading Strategies Self-Assessment

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Be More Productive

Taming College Stress

Take Charge of Distractions

Tame Procrastination

Using Planners

Weekly Action Plan

Semester Action Plan

Priorities Worksheet (A,B,C, & D)

Priorities Weeksheet (Must do, Should do, Could do)

Assignment & Test Tracker

Sleeping to Succeed

Changing Habits

Goal Tracker

Balancing Act

High School to College


Ace Your Tests

Test Day Game Plan

Multiple Choice Exams

Tackling Test Anxiety

Strategic Test Prep

Test Analyzer


Own Your Calander

Spring 2017 Planner 

Weekly Planner (60 min) 

Weekly Planner (30 min) 

Weekly Planner (Block) 


Manage ADHD

ADHD Resources and Tips

ADHD Optimizing Attention: Part 1

ADHD Optimizing Attention: Part 2

ADHD Optimizing Attention Self-Monitoring

Attention Checks



Note-Taking from Readings

Note-Taking in Class

Time Management & SMART Goals




The Importance of Sleep

Evidence-Based Study Strategies

Bloom’s Taxonomy of Cognition

Memory Tips

Growth Mindset



Preparing for an Exam

Taking Multiple-Choice Exams

Text Anxiety

Reviewing an Exam

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