PEER TUTORING is officially OPEN!

Peer Tutoring:  Drop In or By Appointment

Our peer tutors are at the top of their class and receive extensive training, ongoing support and supervision from Mary Willingham (, EDUC 387 Instructor/Coordinator.  Omar Simpson ( is the graduate student assistant.

  • Tutors can clarify and review material from class, and fill in missing gaps in understanding and background.
  • Tutors can’t help you if you don’t attend class.  Tutoring is not a substitution for regular class attendance.

Drop-In-Tutoring (EDUC 387): Dey Hall, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 6 – 9 pm

Staff will greet you at the main entrance of Dey Hall’s 2nd floor and direct you to a course-specific tutor.  Tutoring available in  courses below.

Subjects Day Classes
Languages Tue All levels of: CHIN, RUSS, HNDI, ITAL, FREN, SPAN, ARAB, KOR
Wed All levels of:  SPAN, GERM, FREN, PORT, ITAL
Sciences Tue All levels of:  CHEM, BIOL, PSYC, GEOL, GEOG, PHYS, EXSS
Wed All levels of:  CHEM, BIOL, GEOG, PHYS, PSYC, ASTR, EXSS
Business, Economics, Poli-Sci Tue BUSI 100, all ECONs
Wed BUSI 100, all ECONs, all POLIs
Math, STOR, Computer Science Tue STOR 113, 151 & 155, MATH up to 415, COMP 110 & 116
Wed MATH up to 383, STOR 151 & 155
Biochem Tue & Wed BIOC 107 & 108
Miscellaneous Humanities Classes Tue & Wed

Tutoring By Appointment: Learning Center Suite 0118, By appointment, All Week.

  • You may have 1 tutoring session per week/per subject.
  • You may not schedule multiple tutoring appointments with the same tutor on the same day.
Subjects  Tutor Make an Appointment
 BIOL 101, CHEM 261 & 262 Megan Click for Appointment
 CHEM 101, SPAN, ITAL Ed Click for Appointment
 CHEM 101 & 102 Dustin Click for Appointment
ENST 201, CHIN 101 & 102 Jean Click for Appointment