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The Learning Center and Accessibility Resources & Service (formerly The Department of Disabilities Services) only work with students after they are accepted and enrolled at the University.  Neither office is involved in the Admissions process whatsoever.

Although it is not required, you may choose to disclose your disability when applying to the University.  Disclosure will not impact the review process; each application is considered in competition with others.  If you believe your disability has impacted your academic progress, you may provide disability documentation and also write the optional essay in the application.

Please visit the Admissions website for more detailed information about this process:

After you are accepted to UNC:

If you are accepted at UNC and you have a documented Learning Disability or ADHD, you must apply for eligibility to Accessibility Resources & Service (formerly The Department of Disabilities Services) in order to receive accommodations.  Eligibility is not automatically granted even if you had an IEP/504 plan in high school.

To help prepare for your transition to the university, we recommend that you submit documentation the summer before the fall semester.  A committee, led by the Director of Disabilities Services, reviews all documentation and sometimes requests updated/supplemental information.  Submitting your documentation early will avoid possible delays in eligibility and also ensure that you can set up necessary accommodations and services right away.  Even if you believe you won’t need accommodations, applying for eligibility early will allow you to meet with staff without delay if your needs change during the semester.