Academic coaches can help you create a balanced approach to succeeding at Carolina.

  • Goal Setting: Identify exactly what you want to accomplish.
  • Taking Action: Realize your goals by creating a clear action plan.
  • Accountability: Stay committed to your action plan.
  • Overall Life Balance: Design your week to include time for all that’s important:  academics, friendships, exercise, etc.

Optimize strategies for thriving academically:

  • Test Preparation: Learn techniques for handling multiple choice, essay and word-problem exams.
  • Note-Taking: Capture key elements from  lectures and readings, and organize your notes to help you better understand course material.
  • Reading: Tackle and retain important concepts from any text, whether it’s chemistry, history or drama.
  • Active Studying: Master your course content through a variety of active studying techniques, such as concept mapping or drawing diagrams.
  • Time-Management: Use tools to prioritize, plan and follow through so that you stay on top of your classes and other Carolina activities.

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“I learned that progress , not perfection , is what change is all about.   This is the most confident I have felt about my ability to succeed since I’ve been at Carolina.