Think you might have ADHD or a Learning Disability?

Learn about the characteristics of ADHD or an LD.

Find out how to get formally evaluated.

You’re diagnosed with ADHD, or a Learning Disability.  Maybe you’re on the Autism Spectrum or have Executive Functioning Disorders.  Now what?

Register with Accessibility Resources & Service (formerly The Department of Disabilities Services (DDS) who will arrange possible accommodations.

Work with one of our ADHD/LD Specialists to:

  • Understand the impact of your disability
  • Learn to self-advocate
  • Develop tools and strategies to manage the barriers posed by the disability

ADHD and Learning Disabilities in Higher Education

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Burnett Seminars at UNC-CH

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Previously I have felt imprisoned by my unique learning type, but my coach and I  reread my evaluation and “debunked” my LD myths I have carried as baggage.