Identify Your Stressors


  • Poor grades, falling behind, intimidated by professor


  • Homesickness
  • Relationship issues with friend, significant other, family

Out of Balance

  • Struggle with time-management, procrastination, prioritizing
  • Poor sleep and eating schedule


  • family or life stress (medical, financial)

Keys to Managing Stress

Take control:

  • Set realistic goals, make a plan that is balanced.

Get support:

  • Talk to friends, family and use campus resources.

Take care of yourself:

  • Exercising, sleeping and eating well will help counteract insomnia, tension and fatigue.
  • Include relaxation and fun in your schedule to help keep you in balance.
  • Meditation, prayer, yoga, progressive relaxation or imagery can help with anxiety and worry.
  • Recognize when your thoughts are negative and replace them with positive ones.

UNC Resources to Help Reduce Stress

Campus Recreation: Check out the wide range of fitness classes, intramural sports and clubs, and outdoor recreation activities

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Walk-in Hours: M-F  9am-12pm, 1pm-4pm.

Check out these links from CAPS:

Download PDF: Taming College Stress

REMEMBER: The UNC Learning Center is a great resource! Both Peer Tutoring and Academic Coaching can help you create a balanced approach to succeeding at Carolina. Our friendly staff is ready to help – drop by or make an appointment!

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