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Use these tools to help you go into finals confident and covered.

End Of Semester Calendar Spring 2020 (Word) (PDF): A close-up of the last four weeks of the semester.

Final Exam Period Day by Day Planner (Word) (PDF): The final exam period at a glance.

Final Exam Class-by-Class Task Table (Word) (PDF): Create a task list for each class and assign due-dates—all on one page.

Final Exam Planner (Word) (PDF): Assess your grade in each class and make a plan for a successful finish.

Finals Prep Workshop (PDF): Workshop your overall plan for finals.

Manage Technology Distractions When Studying: Don’t waste another minute!  Use these tips to keep you focused on studying.

Top Ten Strategies for Wildly Effective Stress Management: Excellent tips from UNC Counseling and Psychological Services.

Move Your Body: Too busy for your complete workout? Try the 7-minute exercise routine on this app. Even small amounts of exercise help with learning and attention.

The UNC Learning Center is a great resource! Both Peer Tutoring and Academic Coaching can help you work on crafting email or conducting mock conversations with your professors.

Need extra support preparing for finals in the time of COVID19? Visit Carolina Together.