Use these tools to help you go into finals confident and covered.

End Of Semester Calendar Fall 2019 (Word) (PDF): A close-up of the last four weeks of the semester.

Final Exam Period Day by Day Planner (Word) (PDF): The final exam period at a glance.

Final Exam Class-by-Class Task Table (Word) (PDF): Create a task list for each class and assign due-dates — all on one page.

Final Exam Planner (Word) (PDF): Assess your grade in each class and make a plan for a successful finish.

Manage Technology Distractions When Studying: Don’t waste another minute!  Use these tips to keep you focused on studying.

Top Ten Strategies for Wildly Effective Stress Management: Excellent tips from UNC Counseling and Psychological Services.

Move Your Body: Too busy for your complete workout? Try the 7-minute exercise routine on this app. Even small amounts of exercise help with learning and attention.

REMEMBER: The UNC Learning Center is a great resource! Both Peer Tutoring and Academic Coaching can help you work on crafting email or conducting mock conversations with your professors.

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