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This handout provides an overview of some of the main resources on campus that are available to students and the processes involved to gain access to them in person or online. Campus resources can be essential to achieving your goals as a student. To learn more about how these resources can work within a broader plan, check out our guide to academic success at Carolina.

Carolina Together

Do you have a question about how COVID-19 affects you as a student, including educational opportunities or even career options beyond UNC? Explore the variety of resources that UNC has made available in response to the pandemic at Carolina Together. Find the answers to many essential questions you may have, from questions about mental health and wellness to questions about remote learning. Still have questions? Submit a request to receive the information you’re looking for.

The Learning Center

Looking to improve your time management or study skills? Unsure how to make a plan and keep yourself accountable? Struggling to read everything that is required or to take notes in your classes? Feeling anxious about an upcoming test or assessment? If this sounds like you, you may benefit from making an individual academic coaching appointment with an academic coach who will help you set goals, learn strategies, and make progress on your plans. Prefer a group setting and peer accountability? Check out the Learning Center’s coaching groups and workshops. All services are currently available on Zoom.

Peer Tutoring

Need help with a specific subject? Want to work with someone who has already taken your class and done well in it? If you are concerned about a specific class and would like some additional help, you might want to check out our peer tutoring offerings. You can make an individual tutoring appointment or get tutoring in a group setting through drop-in tutoring. Individual tutoring is available for these courses. All services are currently available on Zoom.

The Writing Center

Feeling stuck in your writing? Unsure where to start? Wondering if your thesis statement is supported by sufficient evidence? Concerned about citations? Whatever stage you are in the writing process, you are welcome to make a Writing Center Zoom appointment with one of our writing coaches or submit a draft online to receive written feedback. Writing Center coaches can help you come up with a plan for moving forward on your assignment, whether that’s making an outline, restructuring your argument, or finalizing your paper prior to submission.

Academic Advising

Trying to decide on a major? Need help planning out your courses? Frustrated with course availability and wanting to know your options? Wondering if you should pass/fail a class or withdraw? These topics and more can be covered in an academic advising appointment. Schedule an individual advising appointment or drop-in with advising during drop-in hours. Individual appointments and drop-ins are currently conducted virtually.

Career Services

Need a summer internship? Interested in graduate school? Want help building your resume? Career Services offers a variety of online resources to UNC students at every stage of their career. You can search for on- and off-campus employment, learn about networking opportunities, and even start planning your long-term professional goals. Virtual career counseling is currently available both during drop-in hours and by appointment.

UNC Libraries

From finding a study space to making copies, UNC Libraries are equipped to help with nearly every stage of the research process. Through eleven campus library locations and a vast inter-library loan system, students have access to millions of books, articles, videos, and other materials. Searchable databases and ready-to-use subject research guides make the process accessible to new and experienced researchers. Book a research consultation with a librarian or take advantage of citation tools for building your bibliography.

Counseling and Psychological Services

Feeling overwhelmed or anxious? Having a hard time adjusting to life at Carolina? Experiencing inexplicable sadness or depression? Concerned about your physical, emotional, and/or mental wellbeing? Facing difficult circumstances and struggling to cope? If any of these questions resonate with you, you may benefit from meeting with a trained counselor to discuss and assess these feelings. An initial consultation with CAPS can currently be arranged by phone.

Student Wellness

Interested in exploring what well-being means for you? Looking for practical tips and tools for living a healthier, more well-rounded life? Unsure how to create a sustainable plan to improve your own health and wellness? If you find yourself asking these questions, you may benefit from meeting with a Wellness Coach, who can help you devise a plan to meet your wellness needs. To learn more about what a one-on-one appointment may entail, please read this introduction to wellbeing coaching. Unsure whether your concerns would be better served through Student Wellness or CAPS? Please refer to these guidelines on wellbeing coaching vs. counseling. Learn more about Student Wellness current operations.

Campus Health Services

Feeling physically unwell? Unsure whether your illness may require treatment or medication? Needing an annual physical? If you have questions or concerns about your physical health, you might benefit from making a Campus Health Services appointment. You may need to fill out these Campus Health forms prior to your appointment. Remember to bring your insurance card with you. Many appointments can currently be conducted over the phone unless symptoms are acute.

Accessibility Resources and Service

Need to register for accommodations? Unsure whether you may qualify for certain services at Carolina? Please visit the ARS website for more information. You can schedule a virtual ARS appointment or you can enter the ARS Zoom chat room during office hours.

ADHD/LD Support

Concerned you may have ADHD/LD but have never been diagnosed? Please schedule to meet with Lara or Kristen, the Learning center’s ADHD/LD specialists to discuss whether or not you could benefit from an assessment. In the meantime, you might benefit from checking out these resources on ADHD and LD support.

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