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There are many online resources that may be helpful to you in your math course. Here are a few that we’ve found particularly useful for a variety of courses.

  • How to Study for Math Classes
  • Khan Academy
    • Great for a variety of courses and includes a range of math content
    • Have a large selection of instructional videos, split by topic, as well as examples and exercises
  • Paul’s Online Math notes
    • Written by a math professor at Lamar University
    • Notes from his courses in Algebra, Calculus I – III and differential equations, as well as reviews of other topics
    • Well organized by topic and he includes many worked out examples
    • Has practice problems for each topic with solutions
  •  PatrickJMT
    • Tons of videos explaining a variety of concepts and techniques from Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry and more
  • Purple math
    • Good resource for college algebra and introductory trigonometry
    • Tutorials on a variety of topics that include explanation and examples
  • Kuta Software
    • Under the “free worksheets” tab, they have links to worksheets, organized by course
    • Their worksheets all have answer keys but no worked out solutions