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You can work with an academic coach in the learning center to learn new academic skills, set goals, develop an action plan and stay accountable. Click here to learn more about academic coaching in general.

Academic coaching can be especially useful for STEM students because succeeding in these courses often requires developing new study strategies you may not have needed in high school. In an academic coaching appointment, you can work on a variety of important skills including: working with science/math textbooks, managing resources, problem solving, active learning strategies, and test taking in STEM. You can also get into some content specific questions with our Math, Chemistry and Biology specialists. Any of our academic coaches are great to work with! If academic coaching sounds like something that would help you, we encourage you to make an appointment today!

Learning Specialists Jackie and Robin standing on either side of a life-size skeleton replica.

Jackie Stone
Math Learning Specialist
jacsto @
Robin Blanton
Biology Learning Specialist
rcb @