Name and Contact InformationSubjectRateQualifications/Experience 
Samuel Smith
(910) 610-3918
Business$20-30/hour (negotiable)B.S. in Business and Economics w/ Honors (2014); Masters in Accounting UNC Kenan-Flagler (2015); Former BUSI 101 Teaching Assistant (2014-2015); UNC MAC David E Hoffman Memorial Award winner for Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching; Two semesters experience as a peer tutor (EDUC 387) and former Learning Center summer tutor as well.
My rates and availability are flexible and I'm also open to tutoring groups, but no more than three students at a time. I'm open to flexible arrangement and want to help you get the most out of your accounting class.
Cody Leach
Business$50/hour (group tutoring up to 3 accepted)B.S. Accounting concentration in Financial Analysis -North Carolina State University 2013 (GPA: 4.0) | M.S. Accounting -North Carolina State University 2014 (3.8) | Certified Public Accountant (NC).
I've tutored for the past 6 years at every university and community college in the area, but most heavily at UNC. I have finance experience working with Scottrade, tax experience working with Maddison & Caison LLP, corporate accounting experience with Eaton Corporation, and audit experience working for KPMG LLP.
Keith Johnson
(617) 686-4060
Business$30/hourMajor in Economics (minors in mathematics and finance). Masters in Economics. Tutor for UNC. Can tutor any UNC Econ Course. 7 years of experience.
Chris Upson
Business$30/hourBUSI: most, especially 407, 408, 410 ECON: 101, 310, 400, 410, 575 MATH: all undergrad, especially any calculus, 383, 521, 547 PHYS: 100-211 and 331 STOR: nearly all undergrad, especially 113, 155, 215, 435, 445, 471-2
Over 20,000 hours direct experience tutoring UNC coursework, including 20 years working for the athletics department
Bryan Quach
Computer Science$25/hourMy skill set and knowledge-base would be most beneficial for anyone seeking assistance with the following:
-Programming concepts, data structures, and algorithms
-Machine learning and data mining
-Genetics, genomics, and bioinformatics
I graduated with a B.S. in Bioinformatics, and I am currently a graduate student at UNC pursuing a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. I have 7 years of computer programming experience and am familiar with Java, C++, Python, Perl, R, SQL, and PHP.
Ram Athavale
Computer Science$40/hourM.S. in Computer Engineering, considerable experience in industry and academia.
John-Paul Petrash
(214) 315-9048
Humanities$20-25/hour (negotiable)Ph.D Candidate in Political Theory (UNC-Chapel Hill) M.A. in Political Theory (UNC-Chapel Hill) B.A. in Political Science (University of Southern California)
I have years of formal and informal experience as a writing tutor. I currently teach my own political theory course at UNC and have been a teaching assistant for numerous courses. I have helped countless students with reading comprehension and writing assignments. I can assist you with writing-related needs regardless of your academic discipline.
Luis Freire
(908) 515-0848
Humanities$100/hourComposition and Research mentor at public and private universities and individuals.
Research Assistant, Educational Testing Service, Princeton NJ
Rachel Kiel
(919) 619-2754
Humanities$50/hourI've been tutoring UNC students in the Humanities for the past six years and have extensive experience tutoring for UNC courses in the Journalism, English, History, Religion, and Music departments, among others. I graduated from Wesleyan University in Connecticut in 2007, and I'm currently a full-time tutor and editor.
I have helped a number of UNC students navigate difficult courses and graduate with honors! I've also worked with students with a variety of needs, including reading challenges, ADD/ADHD, and other organizational/study issues. Please contact me for references!
Antoinette Corsentino
Humanities$30-40/hourUniversity English instructor (6 years)-Experience tutoring and editing undergraduate and graduate students in a university writing lab (4 years)-Former EFL instructor (2 years)-Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing-Bachelor of Arts in English
My goal is to assist you in producing your best written work. I can help at any stage in the process, whether you are formulating a thesis statement or completing final edits on your dissertation.
Sylvia Villar-Gonzalez
(919) 520-7591
Languages$40-60/hourI am an Ivy League University Spanish Professor with 10 years of experience teaching Language, Literature, and Culture courses at all levels, with three years at Duke University Romance Studies Department. I hold two Masters: one in Spanish Creative Writing, a second on Second Language Acquisition. My doctorate is in Languages and Literatures Acquisition, gained via collaboration between University of Barcelona, Spain, and Duke University. I am currently accepting more students, and it would be my pleasure to assist you.
Stephanie Straubel
Languages$25/hourCompleted a Bachelors in Romance Languages at UNC Chapel Hill as well as a Masters of Art in teaching French at UNC Chapel Hill. and am currently working as a French teacher.
Prof. Alicia Rivero
Languages$35/hour-PhD in Spanish. UNC faculty member with many years of experience teaching and tutoring all levels of Spanish language.
-Also teach and can tutor students on the literature and cultures of Spanish America. Native (bilingual) speaker.
-Previous Experience: faculty member in Dept. of Romance Languages, UNC-CH
-Reference: departmental Chair
Christopher Piccirillo
(919) 709-2949
Languages$10/hourI placed into German 204 upon admission and have received an A in both German courses I have taken thus far. I have been studying German for 7 years and am proficient in the language. I am very well versed in German grammar and can speak the language proficiently.
James Malloy
(919) 394-8269
Languages$25/hourI have a bachelor's degree in Spanish from UNC Chapel Hill. I also hold a Master of Arts in Teaching Spanish as well. Currently, I am a Spanish teacher in Raleigh. I am skilled at teaching Spanish in a way that goes beyond lecture and grammar style. My approach is holistic meaning that I teach students to communicate first and foremost, and through communication I help then gain control of grammar and vocabulary.
Priya Cruz
Languages$30-40/hourI provide tutoring in Spanish Languages, Spanish Linguistics, Spanish Literature, and History. I also provide study skills assistance and test preparation assistance. I have over 9 years of experience tutoring K-12 and University students in California and North Carolina. I also have significant experience tutoring SAT, ACT and GRE.
Allyson Barkley
(434) 996-8535
Languages$10/hourI am a senior with nine years of Spanish. I am pursuing a double major in Global Studies and Hispanic Literature and Cultures. I have five years of experience tutoring Spanish, English, and various other subjects to a wide range of ages and abilities. I lived and studied in Spain for eight months in 2016.
9 years of Spanish; travel to Panama and Spain; lived and studied in Spain; peer tutoring in high school and at UNC; homeschool Spanish instructor (lesson plans, activities, etc.); tutoring and teaching of English as a second language in Spain and in the United States
Chris Upson
Math$30/hourBUSI: most, especially 407, 408, 410 ECON: 101, 310, 400, 410, 575 MATH: all undergrad, especially any calculus, 383, 521, 547 PHYS: 100-211 and 331 STOR: nearly all undergrad, especially 113, 155, 215, 435, 445, 471-2
Over 20,000 hours direct experience tutoring UNC coursework, including 20 years working for the athletics department
Will Ward
(256) 318-3877
MathNegotiableCurrent PhD student in math, extensive teaching and tutoring experience in math and physics, specialize in calculus and above
I have taught formal classes, for instance calculus, and have also tutored from the high school to college senior and beginning graduate levels
Judy L Oakes
(919) 967-5776
Math$40-51/hourClinical Teaching Tutors has tutors in all academic areas as well as academic coaches.
We instruct math/sci as well as help for ADHD/LD/Dyslexia/NLD We have been in the area helping students for over 30 years and we are a favorite to go in area schools‰. We can also proctor exams
Experts in all areas plus ESL
Experts in special needs as well
Diagnostics available
HM Lee
Science$25-50/hr/subject/levelAs a PhD holder in Biomedical Sciences, I will help your subject of interest: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology (including general Biology),Neurobiology and Pharmacology.
Emily Hollis
(704) 608-9719
Science$20/hourChemistry Minor completed, Biology major in progress. Medical Anthropology minor in progress. Taken Biol 101, 201, 202, 430 Chem 101/L, 102/L, 241/L, 261, 262/L, 430 Phys 114
Peer Tutoring for Chem 101 and 102 through the learning center
Alison Hollis
(704) 607-7301
Science$25-40/hourMy GPA is a 3.91 and I have made an A- or higher in every class thus far. I can tutor in any subject I have taken but have experience tutoring chem 101 and 102 through peer tutoring. I made very high grades in Physics 114, Chem 101/L, Chem 102/L, Chem 262/L, Math 231, Biol 202, Chem 241/L, Chem 261/L, Biol 201, Bio252/L, Physics 115/L and would be happy to tutor in any of these courses.
I have finished my chemistry minor and am majoring in Biology (BS) and am working on the medical anthropology minor.
Olivia Chen
(512) 970-7611
Science$50/hourGraduated from Ohio State's Honors program with a 4.00 GPA, majoring in Molecular Genetics, minoring in Chemistry and Spanish, and a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Just graduated as MD w/distinction from UNC School of Medicine, as a junior member of Alpha Omega Alpha, and will be completing residency in dermatology at the University of Michigan.
Ohio State Chemistry Teaching Assistant (3 years) Ohio State Chemistry Peer Mentor (~3 months) Private Tutoring, chemistry/biology (3 years), currently I'm privately tutoring undergraduate and medical students in chem, bio, MCAT prep, and USMLE board prep.
Nicholas Grebe
(719) 360-1415
Science$20/hour - inquire about group ratesPhD in Psychology. I can tutor in any psychology course, and I have extensive experience teaching up to graduate-level statistics courses (regression-based courses, ANOVA-based, structural equation modeling, Bayesian statistics, and meta-analysis are all familiar to me). Additionally, I am also trained in evolutionary biology, so I am able to tutor in many biology classes, as well. Feel free to contact me about tutoring in any of these disciplines‰ÛÒI'm happy to send my CV upon request.
Benjamin Dunnington
(512) 217-5186
Science$35/hour Group rates available upon requestEarned a PhD in Physical Chemistry from University of Wisconsin Madison in 2016. Graduated from Northwestern University with a double major in Chemistry and Math in 2010. Would love to help you succeed in CHEM 101/102/481/482, PHYS 104/105/114-117, MATH 231/232/233 or any related course.
In addition to experience with peer tutoring during undergrad, I have four semesters of experience as a TA for undergraduate chemistry courses. One semester of physical chemistry was for a class aimed at life science majors. I received a department TA award at Wisconsin for my work as a physical chemistry TA.
Jason Dinsmore
(919) 606-7814
ScienceFirst session (up to 1hr) is free. After that, I charge $40 per hourI have been teaching chemistry, mainly organic chemistry, since 1998. I have taught a wide variety of students, not only in the US but around the world.
My 9 years of graduate school (MS and PhD) allowed me to teach chemistry to a wide variety of audiences, from high school students to assistant professors.
Kevin Byrd
Science$40/hourI am a recently graduated DDS from the University of Michigan. I am offering to tutor for the GRE, DAT, and related general requirements to students interested in applying to dental/medical school/graduate school.
I have tutored students in biology, chemistry, mathematics, languages (spanish) as well as specialty courses at the School of Dentistry such as endodontics and oral pathology. I have been tutoring undergraduate students and graduate students for a combined 9 years.
Lucas Bouknight
(336) 944-2652
Science$20/hourCourse History: CHEM 101: A CHEM 102: B+ CHEM 241: B+ CHEM 261: A CHEM 262: A- PHYS 114: B+ PHYS 115: A- BIOL 205 (A-), BIOL 252/L (A-/A) and BIOL 430 (A)
Peer Mentor Chem 102, 261 Tutor in High School Chemistry-Based Research through UNC's Eschelman School of Pharmacy
Gary Allen
Science1 student: $20 per hour, 2+ Students: $15 per hour per studentTrained by The Learning Center and over 400 hours of tutoring experience.
All courses taken within the last 5 years!
I will do everything I can to help you get an A! Subjects: Organic Chemistry (CHEM 261 & 262), General Chemistry (CHEM 101 & 102) Biochemistry (CHEM/BIOL 430)
Actual Positive Feedback From Students:
"Gary helped point out very important concepts that applied to multiple problems and that are a good foundation for future concepts. I took away new strategies toward approaching challenging questions. I also really liked using the model kit as a visual."
Cyrus Adams-Mardi
(571) 405-4575
ScienceNegotiableSenior nutrition BSPH candidate in Gillings School of Global Public Health with a completed chemistry minor. I have experience tutoring CHEM 101, CHEM 102, CHEM 241, CHEM 430, BIOL 252, PHYS 114, and PHYS 115 with high marks received in these courses. If you have any questions about pre-med topics including chemistry, anatomy/physiology, and physics, I can help!
I have previous experience as a high school chemistry tutor and have tutored chemistry at UNC for 2 years. I have completed physics 114 and 115 recently with an A- and A in those courses respectively.
Chris Upson
Science$30/hourBUSI: most, especially 407, 408, 410
ECON: 101, 310, 400, 410, 575
MATH: all undergrad, especially any calculus, 383, 521, 547
PHYS: 100-211 and 331
STOR: nearly all undergrad, especially 113, 155, 215, 435, 445, 471-2
Over 20,000 hours direct experience tutoring UNC coursework, including 20 years working for the athletics department
Peter James Kostin
919 619 8217
Languages$20/hourProfessional Spanish Translator/Interpreter and University Professor.
9+ years as a fluent bilingual professional in USA and Mexico
Emphasis on conversation skills and grammar patterns
Competitive hourly rate, fun and engaging sessions
Ram Athavale
Math$40/hourM.S. Computer Engineering with 18 graduate hours in Math.
Experience as a Math Instructor at multiple Community Colleges
Alberto Vargas
(814) 360-9580
Languages$15/hour- NegotiableI am a recent UNC alum originally from the Dominican Republic where I was born and raised before coming to the States to pursue higher education. I have native fluency in Spanish and took grammar and literature courses throughout my school years in the DR. I attended a trilingual school in the DR, where I learned English and French. I further specialized my French in the Alliance FranÌÎå_aise of Santo Domingo by taking intensive courses and passing the DELF A1 Exam. During my undergrad at Penn State University, I minored in French and International Studies and studied abroad in Montpellier, further honing my conversational and written French.
Joseph LaRochelle
(423) 790-9296
Science$15-20/hour - negotiableI am a Spring 2017 graduate from the Gillings School of Public Health. I majored in Environmental Health Science and had official minors in Biology and Religious Studies and unlisted minors in Chemistry and Spanish. My talents are with molecular biology and genetics. I took and excelled in BIOL 202 at UNC and later worked as a peer mentor and the lead supplemental instructor under Dr. Steinwand, Dr. Shemer, Dr. Shank, and Dr. Slep. Meanwhile, I took several advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in molecular biology and genetics (BIOL 434, BIOL/GNET 621, and BIOL/GNET 625).
Alexander Jeffs
(919) 986-0927
MathNegotiableIn 2017, I received a BS in Biochemistry from the Department of Chemistry at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and I received admittance into the School of Medicine at UNC Chapel Hill. While an undergraduate, I worked as a chemistry mentor for organic chemistry (261/262) and biochemistry (430) for. In addition, I have successfully worked as a private tutor for UNC students in both courses and labs including: Chemistry (101, 102, 241, 251, 261, 262 and 430), Biology (101, 202, 205, and 252) and Physics (114, and 115). Furthermore, I have successfully assisted students in preparation for the new 2015 MCAT. Contact for references.
Alexander Jeffs
(919) 986-0927
ScienceNegotiableI received a B.S. in Biochemistry from the Department of Chemistry at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. While an undergraduate I worked as a chemistry mentor for organic chemistry (261/262) and biochemistry (430) for. In addition, I have experience as a private tutor for UNC students in Chemistry 101, 102, 241, 251, 261, 262, and 430.
Gabriella Yacovone
(646) 300-5278
ScienceIndividual: $15/hr Groups: $10/person/hrI am a senior Biology major with a minor in Chemistry (on the pre-med track). I tutor BIOL 101/101L, CHEM 101/101L, and BIOL 252.
Edward Meyers
(914) 826-5261
Computer Science$25/hourThree years of experience tutoring math, physics, and computer science.
B.A. Computer Science (double major with Business)
Qualified to tutor for COMP 110, 283, 401, 410, 411
Personable - can relate and explain concepts to non-computer science minded people

Four years of comp-sci experience
Technical Operations Consultant - KPMG
-Designed and implemented plugins/extensions for open-sourced Java applications
-Created and managed AI bot technology to automate tedious administrative processes
Sulgi "Sarah" Kim
(812) 361-0094
Science$20/ hour (+$5 per person for 2 or more group tutoring)Frustrated in your Chemistry and Biology courses? Looking to increase your test scores?

I can help! From studying strategies to test-taking techniques, I personalize the tutoring to your needs. I am a rising senior majoring in Chemistry & Biology. Receive -A and higher in all of these courses: CHEM 101/ 101L, 102, 241/241L, 261, 262/262L 430 BIOL 251/251L, PHYS 115.

I have experience and expertise to help you excel in these courses. Study Smarter not Harder.
Lauren Westerhold
(919) 345-3689
Science$30/hour for individuals, $15/person/hour for groupsI am a second-year medical student at UNC, and I also went to UNC for my undergraduate degree (B.S. in Biology and Chemistry). Between undergrad and med school, I obtained a M.S. in Biochemistry from Brody School of Medicine at ECU. Over the past two years, I have tutored students in biology, chemistry, anatomy & physiology, biochemistry, & MCAT/DAT/GRE prep.
Shana Lieberman
(240) 210-5398
Math$30-50/hour - negotiableM.S. in Mathematics, NCSU
B.A. in Mathematics with honors in the major, Goucher College
Tutoring experience since 2002 -- from middle school, up to and including college

Tutor for local families -- all levels since 2007, depending on need
Taught full courses as graduate T.A. at NCSU
Hours in NCSU Mathematics tutorial center as part of T.A. in Mathematics
Mathematics tutor at Goucher College Academic Center for Excellence
References available if requested
Ryan J. Farrell
(608) 606-5703
Science$30/hourAlthough still an undergraduate, to date, I have accumulated 500+ hours of private tutoring experience tutoring UNC students in CHEM 261 and CHEM 262. This spring semester I managed 31 clients that I tutored each week in CHEM 261 and CHEM 262. When taking organic chemistry at UNC, I received A's in both levels. I can lecture on material, create study materials, provide help and problem solving strategies, and write practice problems de novo for students. I have written a practice problems and solutions manual containing 1,000 practice problems and their respective solutions for CHEM 262. This summer I plan to write a manual for CHEM 261.
Xiaoqian "Sophie" Niu
(919) 448-5226
Languages$20/hour, negotiableNative speaker of Chinese. fluently speaking and writing in Chinese.
Have translated psychological scales between English and Chinese. I also have writing awards in Chinese in high school.
Xiaoqian "Sophie" Niu
(919) 448-5226
Math$20/hour, negotiableMajor in math and have a good handle on Calculus 1-3.
Stephanie Hemphill
(336) 209-4118
Business$20-25/hrCurrent Masters of Accounting candidate graduating in May of 2017. I took BUSI 101 in undergrad and took financial accounting, managerial accounting, financial reporting A, B, and C, etc. during my masters.
Matthew De May
(704) 651-5693
ScienceOne-on-one: $25/hour; Group sessions: $20/person/hourM.D. Candidate | Class of 2020
Georgetown University School of Medicine | Georgetown University
BS Biology, Chemistry Minor | Class of 2016
Carolina Scholar, Honors Carolina, Morehead-Cain Finalist
College of Liberal Arts | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Subjects of Fluency:
BIOLOGY: General biology, Genetics, Molecular biology, Cell biology, Microbiology, Developmental biology and embryology, Metabolism and endocrinology, Human anatomy, Human physiology, Other undergraduate and medical biology subsets
CHEMISTRY: General chemistry, Organic chemistry, Analytical chemistry, Biochemistry
PHYSICS: General physics (non-calculus)
Tushar Jain
(919) 717-7686
Business$15/hourMBA 2017 Candidate - UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School
Specialization in Marketing and Healthcare Management
MD Medicine from India
GMAT 760
Taught STEM, Biology, and English to high school students
Taught basic principles of Economics, Operations, Marketing, and Finance to business students at UN.
Taught GMAT concepts for GMAT IR, Math, and Verbal preparation.
Joseph LaRochelle
Cell: (423) 790-9296
Science$30/hour (individual). $15/hour (group price/member)UNC 2017 Graduate
Majored in Environmental Health Science (School of Public Health)
Minored in Biology and Chemistry
Head Undergraduate Teaching Assistant and Peer Mentor for Molecular Biology & Genetics (BIOL 202 with Steinwand, Shemer, Shank, and Slep)
Prefer to tutor Biology
Courses taken:
BIOL 201, 202, 252, 430, 434, 621, 625
CHEM 101, 102, 241, 261, 262, 430
Nicole Gonzalez-Hermosillo Holtz
Languages$20-30/hour100% fluent in Spanish
100% fluent in German
100% fluent in English

Medical School Graduate
Ursula Adams
Science$20-30-MD/MBA student
-3 years college tutoring and teaching (Organic Chemistry, Biology, Humanities)
-Received several writing awards and volunteer as a writing tutor at local high schools
-Experience in standardized test prep (GMAT, MCAT, GRE) and application essays
-Flexible schedule/availability
Ursula Adams
Humanities$20-30-MD/MBA student
-3 years college tutoring and teaching (Organic Chemistry, Biology, Humanities)
-Received several writing awards and volunteer as a writing tutor at local high schools
-Experience in standardized test prep (GMAT, MCAT, GRE) and application essays
-Flexible schedule/availability
David DeGenova
Math30$/hourGraduated from UNC last May (2017) Phi Beta Kappa, with a 3.9 GPA in Mathematical Decision Sciences, Philosophy, and Entrepreneurship. Been tutoring students in Math, English, and ACT/SAT prep since I was a junior in highschool. Here to help with success in all subjects if you would like (specialties are Math and English)!
Dylan Caskie
Humanities$15/hourSpecialization in film studies (taken many UNC film classes and am pursuing a Senior Honor's Thesis in film currently).
Experience with literature, science writing, and philosophy.
Experience with both long-form research projects and short-form argumentative essays.
Kayla Blevins
Humanities$25-30/hrNeed help with personal statements, resumes and/or papers? Here to help! I'm a 2016 alumna of Media and Journalism School at UNC with sharp writing and editing skills. Currently work in a position that requires drafting/editing content daily. Previous experience includes: personal statement editing for grad/professional schools, resume crafting and proofreading (all in accordance with most recent AP style).

*please contact by email*
Camille Haury
Languages$15/hourI am an exchange student coming from Grenoble, France.
I have previous experience in tutoring in France.
I can tutor any French course, and/or have a conversation in French with you
Ross Ellison
Languages20/hourI have a B.A. in Spanish from the University of North Georgia with a minor in French and studied abroad in Quebec City. I currently TA for the department of Romance Studies and teach Spanish. I can tutor for SPAN 203+ and all levels of French.
Jay O'Neal
Business$30/negotiableBachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from North Carolina State University.

Current MBA student at Kenan-Flagler Business School
Elizabeth Farley-Dawson
(806) 407-6761
Science$30/hr (negotiable for groups)PhD in Biology, MS in Biology, BS in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation with a minor in Zoology
Taught General Biology labs for 7 years, as well as labs for Ornithology, Environmental Issues, and an Ecology lecture.

Areas of expertise: General Biology, Evolutionary Biology, Ecology, Zoology, Natural Resources, Conservation, and related topics, basic Statistics. Inquire regarding other topics.

Additional Skills: R & ArcGIS for statistical (specifically ecological) modeling, and spatial analysis
Susan Zhao
Science25College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) Certified

4 years of tutoring experience in the following courses:

Molecular Biology
Cell Biology
Developmental Biology
Anatomy & Physiology
Inorganic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry

Chemistry Lab TA for 2 years

Experience in the translational science research field for 2 years

Medical student who has completed graduate coursework in most of the organ system blocks
Chessa Rich
Languages$40-$50/hourI am a UNC grad with 8 years of one-on-one language teaching experience and 13 years of intensive Spanish study in the US, Argentina, Spain, and Peru. I currently work as a full-time Spanish tutor and piano teacher in Chapel Hill.
I love helping students create good study habits, get a stronger grasp on grammatical concepts, improve speaking and listening skills, and connect with language in a way that extends beyond viewing it as ‰ÛÏjust a class.‰Û I have experience working with a variety of different learners, including students with ADD/ADHD and speech disorders. If you'd like to see any references, I'd be happy to provide them!
Maximilian Kremer
(910) 770-9415
Math$15/hourOnline Chegg Tutor, Sanford, North Carolina, 2017-present
Tutoring students online in a myriad of subjects such as calculus, chemistry, and geology in live lessons
Giving written lessons in these subjects

Sandhills Community College Tutor, Pinehurst, North Carolina, 2017
Tutored community college students in chemistry, physics, and precalculus
Taught them problem solving techniques through working various questions

Physics Teacher Assistant, Durham, North Carolina, 2016-2017
Helping students through peer tutoring and tutorial sessions

Relevant Coursework
Multivariable Calculus, Physics C
Jennifer Parent
Science$25Scholarship chairperson for Sigma Alpha Sorority - included one on one tutoring as well as group study sessions
Bachelor's of Science in Nutrition with a minor in Kinesiology/Exercise Physiology
- Summa Cum Laude
Hannah Mickey
Languages$35-$40/hour-B.A. in Education with a minor in Linguistics; currently a middle school teacher. I have been tutoring all ages of students in a range of subjects (math, science, Spanish, English) for 6+ years. As a UNC student, I participated in the peer tutoring program, tutoring students in both Spanish and Linguistics. I took through Conversational Spanish at the university level and because of my minor in linguistics, I have an interest in and a grasp on the grammar of the Spanish language.
-Also available to tutor students in English (including writing and reading all levels), social studies (K-12), math (K-10), and toddlers in pre-K skills.
Kevin Valakuzhy
Computer Science$40/hourGraduated from UNC with a B.S. in Math and CS.
TA'ed COMP 116 as an undergrad..
Volunteered at the Math Help Center as an undergrad.
Worked as a software engineer at Google.
Radita Shams
Science$15/hourVery knowledgeable on molecular genetics or Biol 202 at UNC. Prefer someone who took the Biol 202 class at UNC with Dr. Shemer. Also prefer someone with previous experience with tutoring.
Yu Yan
Languages$15/hourI'm a native speaker of Chinese. I was born in China and lived in China until 17. Having taken Chinese classes for all my life, I also got a 6 for IB Chinese A SL, so I suppose I can handle any question you have with your Chinese class. I'm fluent in English because my high school's official language is English, and I got a 7 in IB English B HL. Although sometimes I make grammar mistakes in English, you can count on me to explain everything clearly.
Dante Duncan
Science$15/hourSenior chemistry major (B.S.) on the biochemistry track with a minor in biology. Tutoring: Chem 101, Chem 241, Chem 261, Chem 262, Chem 430, Math 231, and Math 383.
Erin Lyons
(516) 314-2049
Math$15/hourCollege Sophomore willing to tutor in MATH 231 and below, also STOR 155
Statistics & Analytics/ Economics Double Major, 3.95 GPA
Experience as a high school math tutor, college ECON 101 peer tutor
Jim Barber
(919) 440-7345
Humanities$10/hourB.A. in History, Minor in Religious Studies
North Carolina State University 2016
Current post-bacc in Classics at UNC
Can provide tutoring in LATN 101/102 and GREK 101
Zach Robbe
(704) 999-5946
Science$20-25/hourI am a current senior Biology B.S. major with experience tutoring in Chem 101, 102, 241 and Biol 201, 202, 205, 252, along with MCRO 251. I have received all A's during my coursework while leading small group studying sessions along with one-on-one tutoring. I excel at explaining difficult concepts in terms that are easier to understand than the explanations often given in class. Contact me for more information or references.
Alex Miles
(910) 616-2036
Science$20-25/hrCurrently an MD/MPH student in between 3rd and 4th year of medical school.
Previous experience with 1-on-1 tutoring in math, chemistry, physics, biology, anatomy/physiology

Graduated from UNC Undergraduate with Highest Honors and Highest Distinction
GPA 3.89
MCAT top 10%
AP Chemistry and Biology: 5/5
Jennifer Fulton
(224) 489-8882
Science$25/hour One-on-One; $15/hour/person for groupsTutoring Subjects: Organic Chemistry (261/262), General Chemistry (101/102)

Ph.D. Candidate in Organic Chemistry at UNC
B.A. with honors in Chemistry/Neuroscience from Grinnell College ('15)
5 years tutoring experience, 2 of which were spent tutoring 30+ student sessions of orgo I&II
2 years experience tutoring CHEM 261/262 students at UNC
1 year teaching organic labs at UNC
Science education methods course to help identify how individuals best learn science
Madison Malfitano
Science$20/hour; $15/hour for groupsSenior Biology (BS) major with minors in Chemistry and Medical Anthropology. Have excelled at and interested in tutoring Biol 101, Biol 202, Biol 252, Chem 102, Chem 261/262 and the MCAT. Recently took the MCAT and scored at the 85 percentile with over 90th percentile scores in Chem/phys, Bio/biochem, and Psych sections.
Luokexin Mo
Math$11/hourI am a first-year student here at UNC. I have finished my high school in China. Looking back to all my math grade from the first day of school, my grade in math has always been A or higher. For my SAT Subject test of Mathematics Level 2, my grade is 800/800. And my ACT math grade is 35/36. I am 25% Mathematics League Competition, 15% AMC12 2015, 15% AMC10 2014. I have been a teacher assistant in Meten Teddy Education for 6 months as my internship. Moreover, my grandparents and parents are all professors in Beijing Normal University or teachers in high school in Beijing. I have grown up in a family of teaching.
Somayeh Motevalli
Science$20/hrTutoring Subjects: Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry
Ph.D. holder in Organic Chemistry, with 3 years post doctoral experience in synthetic organic chemistry
Previous experiences: tutoring and lecturing at the Universities
Michael Gong
Phone: 919-987-0492
MathFlexibleMajor in Mathematics and Economics. I have volunteered in Math Help Center since 2016; I was Undergraduate Learning Assistant for ECON 410; I have taken ECON 400, 410, 420, MATH 233, 383, and excelled in all of these classes and assisted my peers in those classes consistently.
Charles Tang
Math$50/hrHave been an LA for two classes
Taken/done well in high level courses requiring extensive knowledge of algebra, statistics, and calculus
4+ years of experience tutoring math starting in high school with good results
Tom Yang
Computer Science30/hourBS Computer Systems Engineering from RPI.
Member of Rensselaer Center for Open Source Software.
2 years experience working professionally as a developer.
Brooks Keener
Science$20-$40/hour, negotiableI graduated in 2017 from Wake Forest University with a B.S. in Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry. I am currently a medical student at the UNC School of Medicine. I have experience tutoring in chemistry and biology, but am capable of helping in most science and math subjects including physics and calculus. I can also provide advice and assistance regarding studying for the MCAT, applying to medical school, and navigating pre-medical education.
Paige Nehls
Humanities$15-20/hrUnc Hispanic studies minor with straight As able to help students from beginning to intermediate levels of Spanish. Also available for any and all history and art history class subjects. Experienced undergraduate teaching assistant at Unc
Kevin Valakuzhy
Computer Science$50/hourGraduated from UNC with a B.S. in Math and CS.
TA'ed COMP 116 as an undergrad.
Designed and taught a Math Class (Combinatorial Game Theory) at UNC.
Volunteered at the Math Help Center as an undergrad.
Worked as a software engineer at Google.
Sofia Suo
Languages$20-30/hour (negotiable)I am a native Chinese speaker with 3-year Mandarin teaching experience. I taught student from different countries and age group, and could practice speaking/writing/reading/listening skill based on the student's need and level.
Caleb Chambers
Humanities20/hrI am a communication studies and political science double major. I am a senior and have written many papers throughout my undergraduate career, and can help study for tests as well.
David DeGenova
(914) 462 - 6490
Math$40/hourGraduated Phi Beta Kappa from UNC in May 2017 with a 3.9 GPA in Math Decision Sciences, Philosophy, and Entrepreneurship.
Over 400 hours of statistics tutoring in 2017 - mostly STOR155!
Been tutoring in Math, Writing, SAT/ACT prep since 2012.
STOR 113 - 435
MATH 110 - 233 (+547)
Study Strategy
Optimizing Office Hours
“I was really nervous about college math before working with David. I just got a 95 on my first calc test, and a 100 on my first stats test!” –Victoria, University of Alabama ’21
“I never liked working with tutors but David makes it funny.” –James, UNC ’19
Chanler Chuman
Phone number: 919-935-2623
Languages10/hourI took two years of high school in Spanish, along with 105 at UNC. I made an A. I am currently in SPAN 103. I am only looking to tutor those in SPAN 101/102 or 105 (beginner's Spanish). I am here to provide a basic understanding of the basics and the important foundations of Spanish. I peer tutored regularly in high school.
Saulo Mendes, - 919 951 4413Math20PhD Candidate in Marine Sciences (core - Ocean Engineering and Mathematical Physics). Have taught calculus since college (2008-) and deals with the highest mathematical theories everyday (try differential forms on wikipedia and hodge star). Masters in theoretical physics - String theory, the most complex theory in physics since 1970.

I am available at any time and day including weekends.
James C. Roberts Jr. (C.J.)
Cell: 252-414-6484
Science$25/hourGraduated with B.S. degree in neuroscience. Extensive experience in biochemistry having taken medical biochemistry at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science and receiving a B in the course. Also capable of tutoring in physics having taken physics at both Duke University and UNC-Greenboro, receiving an A in physics at UNC-Greensboro. Can teach Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology in a medical point of view.
Victor Cui
(954) 646-9764
Computer Science$12 - $20 / hour- In my last semester graduating with a B.S. in computer science from UNC Chapel-Hill
- Incoming Software Engineer at Amazon, interned at Amazon in summer of 2017
- Former T.A. for Comp 401, serviced the most student requests out of all 12 T.A.'s in the
Name: Ziqing Lu
Phone Number: 9842158217
Math$10/hour1. Math Tutor, UNC Math Help Center, Chapel Hill, NC, August 2016 — May 2017
Provided tutoring in calculus, algebra, finite math etc. once a week to college students, explaining challenging concepts both from homework and exams and efficiently communicated with students to arouse their interest in exploring other math resource on campus.
2. Teaching Assistant and Activity Committee, Girls Who Code Association, Chapel Hill, NC January 2017 — May 2017
Offered systematic coding courses twice a week to 9-10 high school female students. Assisted high school students with their coding skills in Python and JavaScript by concepts explanation.
Christian Aguilera-Sandoval
Science$20/hrBS in Microbiology and Chemistry
PhD in Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics
Lectured undergraduate immunology for 2 semesters at UCLA.
Published first author and co-author articles in immunology, virology and genetics.
Christian Aguilera-SandovalScience$20/hrBS in Microbiology and Chemistry
PhD in Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics
Lectured undergraduate immunology for 2 semesters at UCLA.
Published first author and co-author articles in immunology, virology and genetics.
Alexander Li
(919) 448 8989
Science$30/hourCHEM 101/102/102H - 3 years (Grade: A/A)
CHEM 261/261H/262/262H/460 - 2 years (Grade: A/A/A)
CHEM 251 - 2 years (Grade: A)
CHEM 480/481/482 - 2 years (Grade: A/A/A)
CHEM 430/430H - 2 years (Grade: A)
PHYS 114/115/118/119 - 3 years (Grade: A/A)

I'm a BS biochemistry major student who plans to go to dental school. I have had multiple experiences tutoring general and organic chemistry. I know the teaching styles of multiple professors across all chemistry courses, especially in general, organic, and biochemistry. Most importantly, I know the exam-style questions most chemistry professors will ask, and I am glad to give advices on how to study.
Sion Chun
Math$35/hourI recently finished my Junior year at Columbia University majoring in Financial Engineering and minoring in Computer Science. I have a very strong passion for teaching and academic background in mathematics and programming. I am fluent in Calculus, Statistics, Probability, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, and Computer Science (Java) and have maintained 3.9 GPA.
I have been a teaching assistant for Calculus III courses at Columbia University during the 2016 Fall and 2017 Spring semesters. Beforehand, I have tutoring experience for SAT Mathematics, AP Calculus BC & AP Computer Science, and high school math subjects.
Silvia Vilar González, Ph D
Ph. 919 520 7591,
Languages$ 65EDUCATION
Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona (Spain) and Duke University, North Carolina (US): Ph D Teaching Languages and Literatures.

Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona, (Spain): Master in Spanish Language and Applied Linguistics

Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED)Madrid (Spain): Honours Bachelor's Degree in Spanish Philology


January 2018-April 2017: Spanish Teaching Fellow. King´s College London/London Business School, UK
June 2013-August 2017: English and Spanish Academic Writing Tutor. UNC "The Writing Center", NC
2010-2014: Spanish Lecturing Fellow. Duke University, NC
2018-04-29 07:31:37
Daniel Wang
(980) 422-4131
Business$30/hrFormer Economics Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for Econ 101 and Econ 480
A in Econ 410, Econ 440, Econ 400
2018-04-25 16:49:47
Anna Castellano
(919) 370-0358
Languages$30/hour (Single and group rates negotiable)I have been speaking Spanish since kindergarten, learning in a Dual Language Program. I am a UNC student with Spanish as my second major. Some Spanish classes I have taken at UNC include 260H, 300, 340, 344, 373, and 377, receiving good grades in all. If you are struggling with lower level Spanish or need another set of eyes to review your next paper, I am happy to help!2018-04-22 18:51:49
Jason Song

Phone: 919-896-9622
Math$25/hourWould prefer to help UNC students with STOR 435 (introduction to probability)

Have Taken: STOR 435 at UNC-CH (Received an A-)
Passed: Actuarial Examination SOA/CAS Exam P/1 (with a score of 9 out of 10)
2018-04-02 15:14:37


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