If you are looking a specific subject area tutor or a generalist, review our Tutors For Hire Board to see a list of local people who are interested in doing this work for a fee. The people listed here are not endorsed by the Learning Center nor by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; we are not responsible for the services they provide or for any aspect of their interactions with you. We simply provide web space for interested individuals to advertise their availability. We cannot recommend a particular editor or tutor for your situation. We recommend that face-to-face meetings between editors/tutors and clients take place in a public location. By reading their qualifications, checking their references, and emailing/talking with them, you can make an informed choice on your own.

If you are a University employee and intend to pay for the services of an editor/tutor using University funds (e.g. grant funds), be aware that you must follow the University’s Independent Contractor Policy and the associated procedure, “Paying an Independent Contractor.”   Details on these processes are available here and here. The Learning Center cannot provide instructions, advice, or support for this process and will not be available to support you or the person you hire in financial matters.

If you want to list yourself as a Tutor-For-Hire, complete application form here.