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Take Charge of Your Reading!

Learn techniques to increase your reading speed and dramatically improve focus, comprehension, and retention. Our free Reading Skills Workshops are offered several times every semester.  Workshops/course sessions include a mix of instructor-guided lessons and self-paced, independent exercises with your own reading materials.


Reading assistance is also available by appointment. Please review our staff listings before scheduling an appointment.  Questions? Please contact Bob Pleasants,  919-962-8013.

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Introduction to Speed Reading
Learn the basic technique of reading words in groups and how this method differs from skimming. With practice, you can double or triple your reading speed.

Reading Textbooks: Increasing Comprehension
Take advantage of your textbook’s unique features. We’ll focus on simple techniques to improve reading speed, comprehension, and note-taking efficiency.

Reading Journal Articles:  Strategies for Efficiency
Learn how to streamline your approach to journal articles. We’ll focus on techniques for extracting main ideas quickly, managing detail, and simplifying note-taking.

Reading to Ace the Test
Learn a basic framework for predicting test questions and studying for any test. We’ll play a game with real test questions from a variety of courses.

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“The strategies that we learned help not only with improving reading speed but with studying in general.”