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clock iconTime Management and ProductivityTackling Productivity Challenges: Advice from a Grad Student from Inside Higher Ed.

MeditatingIconnaging Stress and AnxietyHow Brain Differences May Determine Our Response to Stress:  February 2013 NY Times article “Why Can Some Kids Handle Pressure While Others Fall Apart?”Improve test scores by writing about your worries!

Writing about Testing Boosts Exam Performance in the Classroom,”  an article appearing in 2011 issue of Science.

Can Meditation Boost Test Scores in College Students? New research from UC-Santa Barbara suggests mindfulness meditation improves working memory…and thus test performance.


book iconAcademic and Study Skills

How Students Learn, and How We Can Help Them.  From U.C. Berkeley

How, Exactly, Do College Students Read?:  article appearing in National Council of Teachers of English journal entitled “Studying the “Reading Transition” from High School to College: What Are Our Students Reading and Why?”


graduate iconHigher Ed

The lucrative business behind MOOCs., from Inside Higher Ed.

Learning Outcomes and what they mean in Higher Ed:  Article from Times Higher Ed.

How Real is Grade Inflation? From Inside Higher Ed.

Limitations of Khan Academy:  From The Chronicle of Higher Ed, July 2012.

How open is MOOC?



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Crelightbulb iconativity and Learning

 Ted Talk: How Doodling Can Improve Comprehension and Increase Creativity  By Sunni BrownLearn,Teach and Share at Curious:  short, video-based lessons on anything.Ted Ed: Lessons Worth Sharing. Animated short videos, complete with quizzes. 

learning_differencesLearning Differences

Make it in the Big League: Dr. Theresa Maitland’s article about ADHD and the college student fromAdditudemag.com

Opinion piece about stimulant medication.  From CHADD (Children and Adults with ADD)  

ADHD Diagnoses on the Rise.  4/1/13 NY Times reports that one in five high school boys diagnosed with ADHD.

Temple Gradin discusses the different ways people think!  Watch this short video here.

Local couple develop apps to help autistic daughter.  Read about it here.


cognitionCognition and What Impacts It

Can you REALLY multitask effectively?  Read how multitasking may impair memory.

Messages Galore but No Time to Think: How email has transformed the workplace.

Exercise and Memory.  We should all be moving our bodies if we want healthy brains!

Feeling Brain Fatigue? Try a walk in the park to recharge and gain focus.  Read the latest research from a study in Scotland.