Come Study with The Learning Center!

Join a Coaching Group.  Coaching groups are designed to help you set  individual goals and dreams for your life at Carolina. The groups are interactive and will allow you  to gather  ideas and suggestions  from other students about how to turn those goals & dreams into specific weekly  action plans.  Valuable time management and study skills tips will be shared as well as information on  the many campus resources that are available to students at UNC.

Enroll in a Workshop or Study Camp Prepare for a new semester, midterms and final exams with camaraderie, discipline and support. Workshops are offered throughout the semester, providing strategies for success around a number of topics–from calendar management to efficient studying to finding your motivation and more. Our study camps occur during midterms and finals to help you productive during the busiest and often most stressful times in the semester.  We provide quiet spaces to study and snacks to keep you going.

Attend a STEM Learning Group.  BIOL 101 Students can attend regular Bio Cell groups to review course content and learn study strategies to prepare for tests. CHEM 101 students can attend ChemPossible, and students in MATH 110, 130, or 231 can attend Math Plus to help them stay on track or get the edge they need.

Check our Register For Classes page for a list of current group offerings.

“Study Camp is a great place that encourages productivity.  The rewards (food and prizes) and the safe feeling environment are really beneficial.”