Get To Know Our Staff


Kim picKim’s career has been spent fostering the creative, student-centered, tech-savvy communities that are Carolina’s Writing center and Learning Center.   She enjoys dynamic, interdisciplinary environments where students discuss, evaluate, imagine, discover, reflect, and stretch into new ideas and academic habits.   Although she currently spends much of her time collaborating with colleagues to build Learning Center services and programs, she loves meeting with individual students and listening as they define and refine their academic selves.   She’s always glad for time to travel, read, make art, and enjoy life in Durham with her husband and two teenagers.


robinRobin’s background is in biological sciences and public health.  She enjoys serving students as an academic coach and counselor.  She facilitates the learning group Bio Cell that serves students in the Biology 101 course.  She also assists students as they prepare for the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT).  She is passionate about her three amazing children and wonderful husband.


JustinJustin is a doctoral candidate in the School of Education here at UNC.  Prior to his arrival in Chapel Hill, Justin completed his Master’s degree in Secondary Education at Vanderbilt University and worked as a middle and high school English teacher in New York.  His current research interests are focused on the reading needs of middle childhood and adolescent students, as well as effective classroom management practices for teachers at all grade levels.  Justin has previously worked as a peer mentor with undergraduate students and looks forward to expanding that role further as a Learning Coach.


marc howlettMarc is dedicated to working with college students, strongly believing that everyone can learn and improve. Prior to joining the Learning Center as an Academic Coach and facilitator of test prep study groups, he worked for three years next door at the Writing Center. Marc is a PhD Candidate in UNC’s Department of City & Regional Planning with a specialty in freight transportation policy and planning. When not working at the Learning Center or on his dissertation, Marc and his family frequent Durham libraries, parks, construction sites, and transportation facilities.


TLMwhite background headTheresa ‘s career in education has allowed her to be a teacher, teacher trainer, counselor, learning specialist, author and a coach with individuals from ages 3 to 60.   Working with college students is her favorite role.   She loves coaching students to discover ways to balance their lives and live the life of their dreams now!  While she has special talents for helping students with diagnosed and undiagnosed learning, attentional and emotional differences, she welcomes any student who is ready to grow.   She and her husband love their life in Raleigh and are surrounded by a large extended family.  In her free time she enjoys reading, gardening, sewing, playing piano, traveling and learning to relax and do nothing.


Christina’s mission is simple: to help students develop critical thinking skills and learn how to learn. She meets with students individually, leads workshops, and teaches the Speed Reading & Study Skills course. Areas of expertise include time management, speed reading, reading comprehension, note-taking, test-taking, study strategies, and tutoring. She is especially interested in serving first-generation, transfer, ESL, and non-traditional students. Her office is one of the most unique on campus. Drop by Suite 2109/SASB North to check out her Treadmill Desk!


KristenKristen’s years in education include various roles: classroom teacher, curriculum developer, private tutor and academic coach.  She enjoys helping both undergraduate and graduate students create an overall goal-centered Tar Heel experience, as well as develop effective academic skills.  Kristen has particular interest in students with ADHD and LD, and coaches them to manage and even embrace their learning differences.  Kristen loves yoga, writing, cooking, spending time with her family, and getting to the beach when she can.


KariKari is working on a PhD in Health Behavior at UNC’s Gillings School of Global Public Health, and is one of the Learning Center’s new Academic Coaches. As a student herself, she has experienced the powerful effect that coaching can have, and she’s excited to share that experience with her fellow Tarheels. She also believes that we all have the power to create positive change, both in our own lives and in the world around us. In addition to working with students and chugging away at her dissertation, she enjoys trips to the mountains, dabbling in a variety of arts and crafts, and occasionally playing with heavy machinery.